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Oct 29, 2009 08:29 AM

Personal chef for private dinner party

I'm looking to hose a dinner in my home for abour 10 friends. It's an adult birthday dinner, and I'm looking for recommendations for a personal chef to come in and prepare and serve a meal, offer wine pairings, etc. Any experience? Any comments are appreciated.

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  1. Check out Ezra Title from Chez Vous Dining. He did a dinner party for 17 people in our house to celebrate Mr. Millygirl's 50th birthday. The meal he created was wonderful, and we even had a demo for one of the dishes. Our friends still talk about that evening. Highly recommend him. He is very creative, works within your budget and all round good guy. Good luck with it.

    1. I have used Jason Taylor of Taylor'd for Taste. Great chef with some recommendations for food and wine, and various menu's for fit all celebrations his website is ... good luck

      1. Approximately when do you plan to hold the party and do you have any specific type of cuisine in mind? Also, do you have a price point that you could share with us.

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          I've had food prepared by chef Mike Dixon - - for a few holiday dinners...he's really good and the food was HELLA DELICIOUS!!!

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            I'm planning on having the party Saturday November 28. The guest list is growing and I may be up to 18 or so now. Original plan was for 10 people. I'm looking at somewhere between $45 and $75 a person, but can't go much higher. Some menus I've seen have been $85 pp.

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              I had a dinner catered by Chef Rob Berry who used to be the chef at Peninsula Ridge Winery.

              The food was perfect and he is very knowledgeable about wine pairings. The appetizer he made, a shrimp and scallop "sausage", was an unqualified success and one of my favourite bites from this past year.

              His prices were very reasonable.


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