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Oct 29, 2009 07:41 AM


We'll be in Dublin for a long weekend in December and after filtering through threads and recommendations have come up with too many choices: Chapter One, Thornton's, Peploes, Pearl Brasserie, Bang, Winding Stair and The Unicorn. I've almost eliminated Unicorn since we go to Italy often and eat well there. Since we live in NYC, we get good ethnic food so we'd prefer places that feel more Irish. Price isn't a big concern but good food and attitude is. Also, has anybody eaten at Wilde in the Westbury Hotel where we'll be staying? Any thoughts about what we should skip (or add) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. You have excellent choices there - Chapter One is a well-loved institution here and should be done then I'd nominate the Winding Stair as its food is more modern irish. The Cellar bar in the Merrion Hotel for a lunch with traditional irish menu and take a walk thru the public area in the hotel too, great irish art, a particularly irish place in a historic building. Check out Bentley's oyster bar and grill too - celebrity chef with a great food philosophy, lovely irish seafood. Avoca Cafe on suffolk st for tea and scones, downstairs in Fallon &Byrne for a glass of wine and cheese plate, saturday morning food market in temple bar and don't miss the old Dublin pubs - McDaids beside your hotel being the first, others are the Stags Head or the Long Hall. And a stroll along Grafton St, under its Christmas lights, back to your hotel, magic.

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      If the food at Bentley's is as good as Corrigan's places in the UK, then it'd be straight on my list

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        Thanks for the good advice. Chapter One is definitely on the list now. Winding Stair seems to be mentioned on this site often enough even though they're are a few dissenters, so I'll try that as well. We'll check out Bentley's too. Do you think we should skip Thornton's and Peploe if we do Chapter One? What about Bang? Wish we had time for more...sigh...

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          If you want more fine dining, definitely go to Thorntons and i would prefer Pearl Brasserie over Peploe's (ask for a booth at Pearl). Bang is what i would call modern bistro and done very well, one of the places to be seen in the city, although i haven't been in ages. Other more accessible places price wise are La maison, Pichet and Chez Max. All part of the new bistro scene offering value using more interesting (and very irish) ingredients such as ham hock, mackerel, good beef etc

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            Okay, that settles it. We'll do Thornton, Chapter One, Winding Stair, Pearl and fill in with some of the others for lunch depending on convenience. You've been an enormous help. Thanks. I'll file a report when we get back.

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              They are very good choices. I'd also recommend The Pig's Ear for informal good quality Irish cooking.

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                I'll second The Pig's Ear. Had a great lunch there. Loved Chapter One and Pearl last year and am planning to return to Pearl when we visit Dublin again next year. As much as we enjoyed Chapter One it is just too expensive, Pearl offers the best bang for the buck.

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                Good value to be had at lunchtime; noted a two course option at both One Pico and Bentleys yesterday for €20. Opted for Bentleys - very much towards fish, especially as one of the two beef options was not available. Pig trotter starter should be sampled.......

      2. If you're willing to venture out of town, I liked King Sitric in Howth quite a bit. Nice view, too.

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          If you get to Howth, Ivan's is another one worth considering.

        2. Thanks to all. I've got a good list to go on and I'm making my bookings. Don't know if we'll have the time to get out of the city, but if we do, I'll know where to go. I'll report when we're back.

          1. Any reports to make on your restaurant choices? We are headed to Dublin in 3 weeks and looking for recommendations. Any help would be appreciated!