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Oct 29, 2009 07:36 AM

Piquant on Flatbush Ave.

Has anyone tried this Southwestern place yet? Is it any good?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. re: Treece

        LL, please go try it and report back. You be the guinea pgi!

        1. re: parkslopemama

          Yes, someone please go, hehe. I've heard decent things, but need to hear more as a lot of the comments on Yelp appear to be shills. I'm hesitant as the place is a bit pricey and just seems a bit out of place. Hope it is good for everyone's sake.

      2. Hey so we wandered over on Sunday night. There was a fairly lively scene at a beautiful bar that replaced the deli counter when this was MItchells. The room is warm, the Park Slope Margaritas are $8 and very tasty. I actually had a hard time choosing from the large menu - but i went with the salmon, which came medium, like i'd ordered it, and in a flavorful sauce with tons of roasted veggies. My friend had the veggie chili, which was very spicy and delicious. It's a great addition to the neighborhood, i'll definitely be back to try brunch, but it was a bit pricey for a casual meal...i think they'll do well. it's a huge improvement on Mitchells which tried to be everything (steakhouse/deli/jazzclub/belly dancing/gourmet pizza, etc. etc.) to everyone.

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        1. re: Gretchen

          Good to hear. I was amprehensive because of the prices and will likely try it eventually. Glad it is a bit more focused though. Mitchells was just a confused restaurant and while I actually really enjoyed getting sandwiches there I always found it odd that they were pushing a $30+ steak in the back room. Good luck to them, they do have quite a large space and beautiful outdoors.

          1. re: ginsbera

            I don't know why we waited so long to try Piquant. Maybe it was the location, maybe the non-descript look of the sign outside, maybe it was the priciness... But I'm glad we finally did! I especially liked the sweet potato/duck/mole poblano tamale appetizer, and the spiced pumpkin soup special. The services and maragaritas were also great. My only complaint was that the tacos with salsa quemada were described as being spicy, and they were not. Next time I'm going to try to find the spicier dishes. But, overall, I think it' worth trying. Any other chowhounds tried it since this thread petered out last year?

            1. re: parkslopemama

              I live a couple of blocks from there, and my wife and I have been a dozen times over the last year.

              The appetizers and taco portions are order of tacos and a soup (the corn chowder is solid) is enough for me, and I'm typically a big eater. The wife usually gets an entree, and she has been pleased (but not blown away) with all of them. The navajo bread that comes with the guac is interesting. Brunch is pretty standard.

              As noted in another post above, the margaritas (specifically the park slope margarita) are well made, and they have a good selection of beers on tap, usually including at least one or two Six Point or other Brooklyn brewed beers.

              The service has been great, and our overall experiences have been good every time we've been. But it's fairly pricey for the experience if you're looking for a typical appetizer/entree/2 drink experience, compared with other options in similar price range within a few blocks. I would think that if they dropped the prices a couple bucks on the entrees to get some more people in the restaurant, they could make up the margins with additional sales of their $8 margaritas. But, I think the pricing is the reason why there's never a crowd. It's never been an issue for us to walk in and get a table (even at 7:45 on a Saturday night), which probably is the reason why we've eaten there so often.

              Overall, not necessarily worth a trek from outside the heights/north slope area, but a great addition as a neighborhood restaurant that fills a niche that's not really Mexican and not really Tex-mex, but plays in the neighborhood of both.

              1. re: jacobdev

                Love the grilled mahi tacos and the chicken breast.