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Oct 29, 2009 07:24 AM

Chicken Noodle Casserole - recipes?

My husband is a huge fan of the old school chicken noodle casserole that he grew up eating. I've cooked the casserole for him using his mother's recipe, but I can't stomach her dish; it just tastes very artificial and greasy (mostly canned good and butter).

Could anyone recommend a healthier chicken noodle casserole recipe? I'm not saying low-fat; just one that won't cause a heart attack from cholesterol overload. TIA.

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  1. This one from Pioneer Woman seems popular but I haven't tried it. You can make your own cream of mushroom soup if you want: (or google for many other variations)

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      I printed the PW recipe, I am going to give that a try. Perfect comfort food for when it gets cold around here.

    2. I do mine using the Cook's Illustrated chicken and dumplings recipe, adding cooked noodles to the stew instead of the dumplings. I top with some buttered bread crumbs and bake for about 20-25 minutes.

      1. I can't dignify this idea by calling it a recipe, but the 'classic' chicken noodle casserole I make is definitely made more interesting by the addition of a cup of grated, good quality swiss cheese and (don't laugh) either a can of Durkee fried onion or a small box of frozen fried onion rings.

        In the case of either of these onion-y additions, you add half of the package in during the baking process (usually about 40 minutes) and add the other half on top about 15 minutes from the end of cooking.

        BTW, I don't actually use canned soup, but a basic 'white' sauce with half milk and half chicken broth and the juices from 1/2 lb of sauteed mushrooms mixed in with the chopped chicken and noodles and mushrooms (and pimento if I have one of those little jars on hand).

        This is not something I brag about at tables of foodies, but you will have to trust me when I say, I NEVER have leftovers of this!