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Oct 29, 2009 07:10 AM

Need help finalizing dining plans - London...

Having lived in London two separate times, I’m very excited to be coming back (December) for vacation after 2 years away. My dining plans thus far are dinner at both St. John and Harwood Arms, which I’m very exciting about given all the great reviews I’ve read recently.

That being said, I’m in need of recommendations for a Sunday Roast, as well as a pre-theatre dinner on Monday.

I’d like to Sunday Roast to be more relaxed and fun (but still great food), given that the night before will probably be a long one of partying. I’ve been told Lock Tavern up near Camden Town is good, but just looking for other recommendations.

I’m staying at the Crowne Plaza near Blackfriars tube stop, and willing to reasonably travel.

Thanks in advance…

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  1. Head across the river to the Anchor and Hope for a Sunday roast. Is the theatre in the West End? Arbutus in Soho is always very good for a pre-theatre dinner (or any other dinner for that matter!).

    1. I agree on the Anchor & Hope! Also, I have just been to its related pub in Covent Garden, 32 Great Queen Street which had great, British pub food in a casual atmosphere. For pre-theatre, you could sit up at the bar at L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon and have 2 courses of delish Michelin star food for £19 (or a bit extra for 3 courses) - a v good deal. I also love Bocca Di Lupo in Soho which has pre-theatre options and fabulous Italian food - if you go, I recommend sitting at the bar if there is only 2 of you.

      1. The theatre is on the west end, near Victoria station (seeing Billy Elliot). I will definitely look in to Anchor and Hope, and was checking out the Arbutus menu. Glad I wasn't heading in the right direction.

        1. Quilon is within walking distance of the theater if you're in the mood for Indian food.