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Oct 29, 2009 06:23 AM

Any know of a restaurant in BA called Benito?

Two Argentinians in one night told me about a restaurant called Benito in Buenos Aires, but I didn't get an address and can't find anything about it online. Both said it was a great place, has anyone heard of it or been there? Thanks :)

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  1. Would it be this one by any chance?

    The guide states it's new so it hasn't got any reviews yet but it might be worth a try based on the recommendation you got. Hope it helps.

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      Hi Paula, Last Dec you replied to a request for reccomenation for NYE in BA, and asked the person for more info to assist. We are in BA this NYE and would like to locate a top end restaurnant to celebrate and understand that many will be closed. We perfer steak and not a tourist attraction if possible. Can you help?


      1. re: rblococo

        Hi rblococo. I am not sure which restaurants are closed for New Year's Eve but I can recommend some good parrillas for a great steak. Another idea I would consider is staying in an estancia for NYE and having a proper 'asado' there ('El Ombú' in San Antonio de Areco is a good one and the town is lovely with some good parrillas too). Here are some links to the places I mentioned in BA:

        Hope that helps.


      2. re: Paula76

        thanks! i will post a review when i go there!

      3. Olla. Last NYE we had a reservation for late dinner at SETTE BACCO, Agüero 2157, 4808-0021. When we arrived we learned that there was a set menu and fixed price. Somewhat disappointed as I had been looking forward to their amazing risotto, but it didn't last long.
        Great service, generous pouring of champagne and wine, far too much food, and then shortly after midnight, dancing to a dj. A great party. I intend to return this year.