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Oct 29, 2009 04:05 AM

Restaurant recs in Trinidad or Tobago

My husband and I are planning on visiting the islands hopefully in Jan/Feb '10. Was wondering if anyone visited recenltly to give some recommendations on places to eat. Not really into street food, as I doubt my stomach can handle the hot spices.
Can travel about as we will have a rented car, so distance and location is not really a problem.

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  1. I was there about 2 years ago and liked a place by the Queen's Park Savannah. It's an old house with an Indian restaurant called Apsara in the back, a Thai place called Tamnak on the terrace, and a nightclub inside (open only later at night). We enjoyed the food, I've had better Thai and Indian but good nonetheless and a very pretty setting in both places. Just be aware...service can be very slow but that's par for the course in this part of the world.

    Frankly, some of the best food in the Caribbean is found in Trinidad. Some of it's not quite so hot and you add your own heat with hot pepper sauce, so you control the heat. You MUST try a double!. Just leave off the sauces.

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      My dream trip is T and T...check out doubles and roti..yummyyyyy

    2. Hi,

      I have been to T&T about 20 times in the last 15 years. My wife was born and raised in Trinidad and we spend at least a few months there every year (From Christmas to Carnival usually).

      Some of the BEST restaurants are in Woodbrook (a suburb of Port of Spain) and the area is vibrant, exciting and full of nightlife.

      I highly recommend Il Collosseo (which is really in St. Clair by all the embassies) - amazing Italian/Corsican food and also Angelos in Woodbrook (equally as good but we prefer Il Collosseo).

      If you want to try top notch Trinidadian food done by a really skilled chef you should head to Batti Mamselle.

      I am assuming you are going to be up north in Port of Spain for the most part so the recommendations are primarily for restaurants there but if you do want to try really good, local Trini food you should head South to Chaguanas and/or San Fernando.

      Get yourself some Trinidad Chinese Food (you will be amazed at the taste and quality), some Indian Food in Debe or Penal or Chaguanas (it doesn't have to be street food and it doesn't have to be full of Pepper.

      If you are really adventurous, try some Roast Pork, Souse or Black Puddin from Charlies (in San Fernando).

      Here is a link for a site that covers restaurants all over T &T:

      Enjoy and good luck.

      Make sure you make a lime in St. James, enjoy the local people and just be safe and smart.