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Where are the good bagels in Tampa?

Now that there is a new bagel place opening on S. MacDill (in the old coffee/ice cream shop across from Mad Dogs), I thought I'd reopen the question of good bagels in Tampa. And I'm talking REAL bagels, not those sweet roll things you find at Panera. Einstein bagels is fine, IMO, but it doesn't send me. What is your go-to bagel place in Tampa? (South Tampa, preferably, for me, but yeah, I'll drive!)

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  1. Ohhh...this is a toughy!!!! The only place I know of w good bagels, and I don't even know if they make them themselves, is a place in Carrollwood Village, I cant even remember the name of it but it's off S. Village Dr. in a little plaza by a dry cleaner. Cinnamon raison w honey butter...mmm....

    1. It's not Tampa, but I really like the bagels from the St. Pete Bagel Company on 4th St. N. Yummy!

      1. In a pinch, look for Ray's NY Bagels in Publix's frozen food section. Not the best bagel I've even eaten, but far from the worst, and better than anything else I've found on the other coast since moving here from the NYC area.

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        1. The only bagels to get in Tampa are from Bagels Plus on Fletcher Ave. at Bruce B. Downs Blvd. There Bagels are excellent!

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            I will second the recommendation for Bagels Plus. When I lived over by USF, their bagels (with egg and cheese) were my guilty pleasure breakfast.

          2. I havent been in a while, but Sunshine Bagels on South Dale Mabry, just sourh of Neptune, were always fresh and good on Saturday mornings.

            1. The best bagels in the area are from Clearwater Bagels on Rt. 60 (Gulf-to-Bat Blvd.), just west of the high school on the s. side of the road. Very easy to miss, if you get to Keene Rd. you have gone too far.

              1. Clearwater Bagels is the best. Their hours are limited and they often run out of things quickly. A salt bagel with their chive cream cheese is delish.

                Clearwater Bagels Incorporated
                (727) 446-7631
                1871 Gulf To Bay Blvd, Clearwater, FL

                1. Well, you make a right turn out of Tampa and go 1200 miles north to Chicago! Great bagels there.

                  1. Tried West Park bagels on Davis Islands last week and found the bagels there a massive disappointment. Bready (as opposed to chewy), dry and flavorless, with a laughably thin sprinkling of topping on those bagels that come with a topping: the Everything bagel had perhaps 6 crumbs of stuff on it. This is one to avoid, IMO.

                    1. I'd second (or third) Clearwater Bagels which are great, but even closer to Tampa is Brandon Bagels... and they're actually the best bagels I've had in Tampa Bay.

                      942 W Brandon Blvd Brandon, FL
                      (Brandon Blvd. is also known as SR-60)