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Oct 28, 2009 08:42 PM

trump international?

My goal in the next year is to visit Chicago for 5-6 days. I have an opportunity to stay at a 2br unit in Trump International. But, I'm hesitant-- Trump properties can be tacky.

My question: is this a worthwhile location (restaurants, bar, spa, rooms) or a tacky location not superior to other Chicago hotels?

From the photos, the 2br units look great with a view on to the Chicago River. But, the bar/restaurant at the hotel are unknown to me.

Any chowhound advice?

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  1. The Trump is in the heart of Chicago. ANYTHING you need is either at the hotel or a short distance away. We ate at 16 two weeks ago for our wedding anniversary. Made the reservation through opentable so I never talked to anyone except once to confirm. I noted in my OT res. that it was our anniv. We arrived 1/2 hour late. Walked into the hotel and said we were here for dinner at 16 and a gentleman escorted us to the elevators. Arriving at 16 we were greeted by name(pronounced correctly and thats's not an easy thing) and wished a happy anniversary(the first of about ten times). We wanted to do a tasting menu to fully experience the chefs capabilities but several items didn't really appeal to us so we asked our server if we could make up our own. She practically fell all over herself assuring us that it would be no problem. Next we asked the sommelier if he could pair our dishes with wines(my preferred choice but I didn't say that) or if he could recommend both a white and red 1/2 bottle). He checked out what we ordered and paired a wine with each course. Everything was delicious. We got a window seat that I had also requested. A wonderful evening. Now, that being said, I thought each dish could have been a little larger and a little cheaper.(I expected to drop $500-600 for tax, tip and title and that's what I did) We were just this side of full but not so much that we had to go grab a burger. Service was impeccable and it is a beautiful room.
    Earlier this summer we spent some time at the outside lounge on a Saturday night. Same floor as 16. In fact it is just outside the restaurant but slightly to one side. The view is even better and as a Saturday night bonus, you can watch the Navy Pier fireworks from there. Fabulous. Some small plates if your hungry although they seriously need to upgrade their beer selection.
    I assume that you have been to their website so you know what the rooms are like and what the spa is like. From everything I've read and pictures I've seen, I'd certainly like to spend a week being pampered by the to speak. Nothing looked tacky to me during my visits to the hotel or otherwise.
    As I said at the start, the hotel is in a great location with too many to count great to fabulous, cheap to expensive restaurants and bars nearby. Do it. Enjoy our city and enjoy your stay. And adopt me if possible.