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Oct 28, 2009 08:41 PM

Knives in St. Louis

Doing some research for a friend who is looking for good knives. Any good knive stores or restaurant suppliers in St Louis? Looking for MAC, but will take any recs..

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  1. I hate to say this but I think your better deals will be found online. Kitchen Conservatory and Viking in STL both have good knife selections but I think the price can be beat by some comparative online shopping. I have been buying mine from Dexter Russell and have been very satisfied with their products. Great customer service too.

    1. Bertarelli Cutlery in the Hill is a small but well equipped restaurant supplier, including a small selection of good quality knives.They have a great knife sharpening service as well. A fun store to wander around.

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        A second vote for Bertarelli. I have nothing against the chains, but prefer local folks, and Bertarelli is a not just a kitchen store, it's a knife store. They're specialists. But if you don't want a chain and can't get to The Hill neighborhood, there's the Kitchen Conservatory on Clayton Road in Clayton. A slight hoof from a Metro stop, but workable.

        Local Folks
        39601 60th St, Burlington, WI 53105