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To All Restaurant Owners

Please include an address on the homepage... that's one of the most important things.. it's annoying having to look for it. One or two times okay.. but so many times I have to scroll around the page and click into it.

Efficiency people!

If you already do.. then ignore message. :)

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    1. and acceptable forms of payment.

      1. And phone number! Sometimes I have to click through a few pages to make a reservation. Thank goodness for OpenTable!

        1. and get rid of the annoying audio intros.

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          1. Posting a menu is always nice too.

            1. Also PRICES of menu items (subject to change of course)... I hate when there's a menu with the prices not listed

              1. How about having an up to date website? Twice recently we've gone out to eat and discovered that either the place no longer served the meal or was now closed on that night.

                1. And please update your page as the menu, hours, etc. are updated.

                  1. and should your restaurant suffer the misfortune of closure, take down the website.

                      1. Drop the cute flash animations! Nobody cares! Let's get to the info.