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Kosher in DC (not Shomer)

aunteejoy Oct 28, 2009 06:23 PM

Can anyone recommend restaurants in the DC area that are open on Friday night/Saturday?

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    Doh Oct 28, 2009 07:45 PM

    I'm not sure I understand. I don't think any restaurant open on shabbat can be certified kosher. Are you interested in a vegetarian restaurant? Or restaurants with lots of veg. options?

    1. e
      elmoz Oct 29, 2009 12:02 PM

      While in some major cities there are kosher restaurants open on Shabbat (I know Paris has many), D.C. does not.

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        Tugboat Oct 30, 2009 06:28 AM

        I think this would be better to post on the Kosher board.

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          masonuc Oct 30, 2009 09:23 AM

          I can think of one -- Krispy Kreme in Dupont. Seriously. Real "kosher" restaurants are of course never open Fri night/Saturday but surely there are places (like Krispy Kreme) that aren't really kosher but get the certification. Maybe some vegetarian places? Does it need to be certified? What about Indian vegetarian?

          The only real Kosher restaurant I know of in DC is Eli's, and it is pretty lousy and probably not open Friday night/Saturday.

          Krispy Kreme
          1350 Connecticut Ave NW Frnt 9, Washington, DC 20036

          1. d
            dining with doc Nov 1, 2009 07:16 AM

            By definition a Kosher restaurant would have to be closed from sundown Friday to sundown sat night because it is the sabbath and one can not work on the sabbath

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            1. re: dining with doc
              lobozooma Nov 1, 2009 11:40 AM

              This is not accurate, to be defined as Kosher by the Orthodox Union or to Glatt this may be true but this is not true for all certifications. There was a legal case about this in NY years ago, it's just that the DC area has not gone through the same legal process as other areas.

              1. re: dining with doc
                elmoz Nov 1, 2009 07:52 PM

                This is incorrect even by Orthodox standards. For example, the Dupont Circle Krispy Kreme is Orthodox kosher and open on the sabbath. Orthodox kosher restaurants serving meat are more difficult but still can be, and in some cases are, open. Just not in the DC area.

                Krispy Kreme
                1350 Connecticut Ave NW Frnt 9, Washington, DC 20036

              2. s
                SimonF Nov 2, 2009 11:37 AM

                The closest you'll find are some of the strictly vegetarian restaurants, unless you are happy with donuts at Krispy Kreme. My favorite one is Sunflower - has two branches.

                Krispy Kreme
                1350 Connecticut Ave NW Frnt 9, Washington, DC 20036

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