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Oct 28, 2009 06:22 PM

Kosher in DC area (not Shomer)

Can anyone recommend some Kosher restaurants in the DC area that are open on Shabbat?

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  1. That's almost (but not quite) a contradiction in terms. I don't believe there are any.

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    1. re: zsero

      I think you may mean a place where you can pre-purchase a Shabbat meal, like you can in many cities in Europe. There used to be a place that did that, but the Va'ad only them do it because it was in a hotel. I have asked at Pomegranate if they could do that and their reply was "the Va'ad won't let us". If you're staying in DC for Shabbat your next best bet is to get a fridge in your hotel room and buy food beforehand.

      1. re: parkydoc

        If that is what you meantt, try which is the website for one of the local orthodox shuls in DC (Georgetown) which has visitor information and a hospitality program. Also, when I was an undergrad, the GW Hillel (Foggy Bottom) offered meals for some or all of shabbat that DC visitors could pay for in advance.

        1. re: dfsny613

          I am guessing that the OP is genuine in her post, she wants to eat kosher food but is not Shomer Shabbat and wants a place to go out to eat on Shabbos. I am also guessing she would be okay with certification from a Conservative Rabbi

          1. re: dfsny613

            Though I may be wrong, I'm pretty sure that their restaurant info. is out of date.

            1. re: Bzdhkap

              Well, if vallevin is right about the OP then I can not be of help. As to whether their info is right or not, the OP can always call any places listed, call the shul, check with the local JCC or the fedration, etc.

      2. There are restaurants in the NY area that have heckshers and are open on Shabbat for non-prepaid meals. Whether they are the Indian places, the various vegetarian/vegan places or the Hebrew National delis. The heckshers may not be universally accepted, but they exist.

        That being said, I don't know anything about the DC world.