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Oct 28, 2009 06:11 PM

Tasting menus in Las Vegas

Greetings from Seattle. I will be in Vegas for the rock-n-roll half marathon first weekend in December and am looking for a celebratory dinner recommendation for Sunday night. I have read blogs, boards and there is just too much to slog through. So I look to you Chowhounders.

Some criteria to help with your recommendations:
I like tasting menus because they offer smaller portions and variety
I love French food but also interested in seafood, Mediterranean.....quality ingredients, well prepared.
Under $100 per person for food
Nice wine parings that can be purchased at an additional cost
A place that is dressy but not too formal or stuffy. A place that will not be horrified if my sister and I try bites of each other's courses.
A relaxed pace for the tasting menu, with courses not coming out one right after the other.

We are staying at the MGM Grand. I know Joel Robuchon's more casual restaurant has a $75 tasting menu. The $385, 16 course menu, is out of our range. I think we are going to Bouchon for Brunch on Monday and going for noodles on Friday night at Beijing Noodle No. 9.

Thank you in advance for your feedback on our celebratory meal!

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. We've never been disappointed by Hubert Keller's Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay and the atmosphere is very comfortable info here

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      Different view on Fleur. Been disappointed 2 of 3 visits now. Good food (not great) with half-hearted service.

      I like Aureole's tasting menu (right next door to Fleur). It fulfills all your qualifications: definitely under $100, great wine program with the Wine Spectator Grand Award, relaxed pace, and dressy but now overly stuffy.

      With the Taste of Wynn program you can dine at Alex for $89 for a 3-course prix fixe. This is a great opportunity to dine at one of the town's finest venues for a very reasonable price. Guy Savoy has a similar offer at this time. Bottom line is that it is a great time to be a foodie in Vegas. Take advantage of it.

      Next Door
      217 4th St, Castle Rock, CO 80104

    2. Charlie Palmer Steak does a wonderful 5 course Sunday Supper with a different menu each week. I think it is 48 per person, 70 with wine pairings. It is at the Four Seasons (connected to Mandalay Bay), which is near where you are staying.

      Charlie Palmer Steak
      3960 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

      Four Seasons
      , Gilbert, AZ 85233

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      1. re: maestrette

        Sunday Supper is no more -- Charlie Palmer Steak is now closed on Sundays.

      2. Thanks for your feedback! We are set for Aureole.

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          For Aureole there are two options for dining rooms.

          The Main Dining Room is large, bustling, hip and high energy.

          The Swan Court is quaint, quiet, slower-paced and romantic. My wife and I prefer this option.

          You've made a great choice! Report back.

        2. So we are back from Vegas and had some food highs and lows.
          Highs, the croissant at Bouchon and the noodles at Beijing #9.
          Lows, a few of the courses at Aureole.

          Our intent was to do the tasting menu at Aureole but nothing on the menu really popped out at me. I also just ran a half marathon that morning so lamb and meat didn't sound super appealing so we built our own tasting menu.
          I started with tomatillo gazpacho with a salad of hamachi (I think), cilantro and a few sneaky jalapeno peppers. The gazpacho was inedible. Seriously. It was so salty, I was in shock that this could leave the kitchen. I thought, maybe I add some of the salad to the gazpacho but it still was inedible. The side salad was delicious, served in a potato chip cup.
          My sister had the onion soup. The puff pastry gruyere dome was delicious but the soup was just ok. I debated on whether to send my soup back but I didnt as we had a few other courses ahead of us and I wanted to leave plenty of room as I just ate two pretzel rolls. They were so good.
          We split a field greens salad with mushrooms. Nothing to write home about.
          The main courses were the highlights. I had sole in a coconut curry broth and my sister had black code. Both perfectly cooked and delicious, sauces were perfect. I was very surprised at the portion size. They were huge. Usually, fine dining equates to small portions but not at Aureole. We also split the asparagus as a side.
          Dessert was another area of dissapointment. Nothing really popped out at me. I asked the waiter a few questions and ultimately decided against it. I was exhausted and bed sounded more appealing than sweets. The waiter went into serious hard sell mode and then shot me a nasty when I politely declined for about the third time. He then told the other waiter who also seemed a bit put off when our table of two did not order dessert or coffee.
          Again, the fish was perfect, the bread guy was awesome. Once he heard I ran the race, he came by a lot offering bread which I totally appreciated. So, mixed review on Aureole.