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Oct 28, 2009 05:37 PM

What About Echo Bridge in Newton Lower Falls?

I used to go to this place in the seventies and was thinking of going back to have lunch for old time sake. Has anyone been recently?

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  1. I accompany my father there once in a while, it's probably been six months since my last visit. I'm sure you would find very little has changed in the last 30 years, the decor is exactly as I remember it from my childhood. Basic red-sauce Italian, nothing special but no complaints either, and the pizza is pretty good.

    1. I went there for the first time on Friday night, having lived in the area for about seven years. I am really glad I went - this is the type of place totally frozen in time in almost every way (including price, and possibly some of the patrons at the bar). It's like a trip back to the seventies, when red sauce was the only type of Italian food you could get. It's also much bigger on the inside than I thought.

      I thought the pizza was actually among the best I've had anywhere recently. Nothing fancy, but a good "New York Style" crust. I had one with sausage and hot cherry peppers and it was amazingly good. And 9 bucks for a large!! I also tried the lasagne, which was very heavy on the meat, and quite good. For a giant plate of it, I think it cost $11. I am definitely adding it to the rotation.

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        Here's a picture of the pizza (minus one slice)

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          Thanks for the review - a real hidden gem that does not get enough love on these pages.

        2. Yes - it is one of the few truly family friendly places left in the Newton/Needham area. The back room is great for people with little kids or people looking for a beer after work. Plenty of space, decent food, for an honest price. I do wish they would be a bit more creative, and a bit more homemade- but they do a decent job for a family run operation This is a far cry from fine dining.. but it works for us right now.

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            If I had known it was as good as it was for the price, I would have been eating here with the family quite a bit. I liked their pizza better than anywhere in Needham, and the other stuff was very good, too.

          2. Virgillio's...

            in Chowhound? As a former sink-rat used to say 'Stomp me into a mud puddle and walk me dry!'

            Someone above me said it best re: Frozen in time. I'm pretty sure the only thing that has changed is the smokers go outside. Perfect dark bar on a screaming hot day, cold beers, simple drinks. The food is what it was in the 70's.

            I think - they might be cash only.

            Echo Bridge Restrnt
            1068 Chestnut St, Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464

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              I think you're right on the cash only, but considering a large meal for three with beer was $35 with tip, you don't need much. I do think their pizza is really great, whether or not using homemade dough or sauce, certainly better than Pacini's (which really should be a lot better than it is), Stone Hearth (which I just plain don't like - somehow they suck all the flavor out of their ingredients), and Bertucci's. Cowlick's and Sweet Tomatoes might be slightly better, but it's about double the price (and no beer).