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Oct 28, 2009 04:00 PM

My Bagel Review

I went to most all of the suggested best bagel places you all mentioned in the Bagel topics (Jupiter to Boca) and can now report : Yes the Brooklyn Water Bagel place was ok..somewhat tasty and far better than "Bagels &" that serves a fat tasteless thing that was not even palatable,,,just spat it out (plus 80 cents, no credit card accepted, under par staff), nothing special at Whole Foods or Panero's, Much the same with the rest of the bagel/delis.
So it was a great discovery when I entered Bruegger's ! Professional, helpful and patient staff and a bagel that is even better than the once esteemed New York bagel (If you revisited some of the NY places, you will know what I mean). Their recipe is genuine and in Florida. truly unique and each bagel is a work of art: glazed, fully baked, fresh add-ons,pre-boiled, etc. I think they should add the label "artesian" to their products. My 40 year quest is happily over...I just enjoy a delicious bagel in the morning, much like the average paresian and his rich buttered croissant and dark flavorful coffee.

Boca's Restaurant
2901 W Oakland Park Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33311

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  1. Is this the Breugger's that is a chan?

    1. So where do we get this wonder of a bagel? You didn't mention the location of the store.

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      1. re: Kajikit

        yep Florida is a rather large state!

        I am assuming south fl here OP - have you tried Way Beyond Bagels on Jog Rd in Delray?

        Way Beyond Bagels
        16850 Jog Rd, Delray Beach, FL 33446

        1. re: Kajikit

          Bruegger's is a national chain. There's one in Boca at the Fifth Avenue Shops on Federal:

          Bruegger's Bagels
          2146 N. Federal Hwy
          Boca Raton, FL 33431

          I don't eat bagels much anymore but there's are pretty good. There's also one in Orlando.

          By the way, what's with Chowhound adding random links based on key words in our responses? When I saved this comment the site added this link which has nothing to do with Bruegger's. I tried removing it but it pops back up when I hit Save. I've noticed this on other posts.

          Come on Chowhound, fix this or get rid of it. It does nothing for the site.

          Boca's Restaurant
          2901 W Oakland Park Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33311

          1. re: RickL

            I would have to guess that you've never had a real NY bagel if you think Bruegger's is pretty good.

            1. re: gblcsw

              Yeah, you're right. I've never had a real NY anything so I'm unqualified to have an opinion. Fortunately there's enough real New Yorkers here to help guide me through life.

                1. re: RickL

                  Sarcasm unnecessary, but most would agree that NY has what is considered a real bagel and what bagels stores try to live up to.

                  1. re: gblcsw

                    GBL - have you ever tried bruegger's? I live 1/2 month in new york 1/2 month in florida and i have had bagels all over new york. bruegger's can hold their own to any bagel in new york

                    1. re: chowguy

                      My daughter went to college in Plattsburg NY and there was a Breuggers there. I still think there is no comparison...Isn't that "what makes the world go round?" ;-)

                    2. re: gblcsw

                      My 6 years in Queens sister says the most acceptable bagels she's found since in the Southeast are the Ray's frozen ones in the Publix freezer case. The fresh ones seem to almost always disappoint her.

                      1. re: beachmouse

                        Another vote for Ray's NY bagels. Added can enjoy them while still in you PJ's.