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Oct 28, 2009 03:03 PM

Canned pumpkin anyone?

I want to make a pumpkin pie...anyone know where I can get the canned pumpkin here in DF? any maybe some ready made pie crust (feeling kinda lazy)?


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  1. Good luck with the canned pumpkin - I have been here three years and have never found it anywhere (and I've looked everywhere). I actually bring it back with me from the USA. Sometimes you can find canned pumpkin pie mix in import shops, but it will be about three times what you would pay in the USA. You can get the graham cracker pie crusts ready made at Soriana (I shop at the one near Antara Polanco and just bought one on Sunday). By the way, if you are feeling REALLY lazy, they are serving pumpkin pie at Barracuda Diner in Condesa. I didn't try it but it looked good.

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      I have found it from time to time. If you are anywhere near Polanco, you can buy canned pumpkin at the upsale grocery store there. I forgot the name of it, but it is on Oscar Wilde inbetween Emilio Castelar and Masarik. You can't miss it.

    2. Canned pumpkin has been difficult to locate in many USA cities this fall, so you might have difficulty, also, locating an imported (from the USA) product from the USA in Mexico as well.

      1. I have found Libby's pure Pumpkin and Mississippi Belle Morton pure Pumpkin at City Market in Interlomas and also pie crust!

        1. Once in a great while I have seen it at Chedraui Select, in the same shopping mall as Costco Polanco. Look in the international foods section, across from the dairy cases.


          1. Today I finally found Libby's traditional canned pumpkin pie mix at City Market in Lomas de Chapultepec, which made me literally do a happy dance right there in the store. It's available (strangely) in the meats section, right by the turkey, cranberry sauce and other turkey-prep accessories.

            Frozen pie shells are available in the Chedraui Selecta - Polanco.

            Happy Thanksgiving, especially to all expats craving homey flavors (you can indeed find them in el DF)!