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The Case of the Disappearing Taco Truck

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For a while now I've been wondering what happened to the kind Mexican couple whose taco cart popped up on Bedford Ave and N. 3rd Street sporadically throughout the Spring and Summer this year. They vanished sometime near the end of August, and I had just about given up on taking care of my taco fix without trekking out Bushwick.

Well, they're back. I was thrilled to find them griddling away last week, tucked into the backyard garden of the new bar and multi-purpose music venue The Woods. Bravo to the owners of this place for providing a semi-permanent home for the neighborhood's best Mexican streetfood. Tacos are $2.50, burritos $5. I can't speak for the quality of the bar itself or the crowd it attracts (although the interior is spacious and fittingly woody), but I have no problem ducking into the backyard for a burrito any night when the urge strikes. I don't even think it's necessary to order a beer, although cheap options abound if you're in a sudsy state of mind.

Hours and daily availability are unclear, but I've seen the cart out back smoking away until the wee hours on Thursday through Sunday evenings. They seem to be serving as late as 3am on weekends, a revelation given the dearth of late-night restaurant options in that nook of the neighborhood (South 4th Street between Kent and Wythe).

Link to prior discussions of this truck: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/602068

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  1. They are a really, really nice people. I don't think their tacos are anything special, but I like the way the man cooks the quesadillas. He folds the tortilla completely until it becomes an enclosed hot pocket- kind of a cross between American style and Mexican style. A bit quirky, but really tasty. He does something similar with his burritos. Too bad they are no longer on the street.

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      Huh. I'm glad to know where they are, because their quesadillas are the best street food we have, says me. But it's too bad they're in a place with less foot traffic. I used to stop at their cart on the way to the subway. Hope this works out.