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Oct 28, 2009 02:54 PM

Good bagels in New Haven?

Is there anywhere in New Haven to get good bagels? Breuggers is fine, but is there anywhere better? I miss Murray's in New York.

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  1. There are a few places where you can get H&H Bagels. Nica's on Orange St, Meat Barn 0n Lucy St. (closer to Woodbridge ) and Westville Kosher in the Sam Ash, Amity Liquor Plaza.
    Other than that, sadly not in my experience

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    1. re: mmalmad

      Ooh, I live a few blocks from Nica's - perfect. I read somewhere that Judie's on Grove makes good bagels - is that still true?

      1. re: Emmmily

        Judy's? Bagels? You mean Judy's European Bakery? Lots of pastry and breads, but not bagels.

        If you like what Brueggers has to offer, I'm not sure what you're really after, but the bagels at Willoughby's (corner Grove & Church/Whitney) are OK. Likewise the Bagels at Zoi's on Orange. Most of the bagels in New Haven coffee and sandwich places come from an H&H supplier, I think, though it seems "H&H Bagels" can mean more than one thing.

        European Bakery
        395 Us Route 1, Falmouth, ME

        1. re: linguist

          Brueggers is passable; I've certainly had much worse. I don't expect to find another Murray's or Ess-a-Bagel in New Haven, but there's gotta be something better than Brueggers, right? I'll check out Nica's and Willoughby's and see how they measure up.

    2. I'm an expat New Yorker and the only decent ones I find are at Whole Foods in Milford. Aside from that, I bring back from Manhattan whenever I get a chance. I did hear there was a decent place in Branford on Rte 1. Westville Food Market carries H&H, they deliver in the morning and are gone by noon. H&H generally refers to the west side H&H factory on 45th street, which is not related, anymore, to the one on the Upper East Side, where the cops must be looking for my cars I've gotten so many tickets there.

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      1. re: food_maven

        That explains why we go some really sub-par, stale bagels at the H&H on 45th a few weeks back. Are the East Side ones still good? As for New Haven, forget about it.

        1. re: food_maven

          Food_Maven, I was curious, since you get your bagels at Whole Foods in Milford, have you ever tried the bagels at Village Bagel just about a block West (practically in the same plaza) on the Post Road--I think you may enjoy them, and their people too. I'm going to try WF bagels now as well. FYI They close early.

          1. re: food_maven

            Whole foods in Milford used to have excellent bagels I think they got them from Davidovich in NYC. Now, my last few shopping trips, they got these bagels that have preservatives, and enzymes in them. They remind me more of wonder bread. I wish they would switch back to the NY Bagel style they had before.... If i want to eat unhealthy bad bagels i can just walk around the corner and buy them at Village Deli.

            1. re: gshvedov

              Sorry to hear about Whole Foods going downhill. I found Cohen's in Branford, right on the green, and they are really great. After 2pm they're half price too, so great bagels and a deal..that's music to this Jew's ears! I tried Bagel Bar and was very unimpressed. Nice guy who owns the place, but the quality of bagel, not so good. As for the East Side H&H, haven't been in a while, but last time I stopped for some, about 6 months ago, they were as good as always.

          2. Try Bagel Bar on Bridgeport ave in Milford. It is near Milford Hospital. Great bagels made on premise by baker/owner Richy. Boiled and baked everyday. Has about 20 varieties. Try the bagel and Lox sandwich for about 8 bucks. Delicious

            1. A friend gets H and H at Legal Grounds in Hamden (within Best Videos) on Whitney Avenue. I've not tried them but he swears by them.

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              1. re: GoodFoodie

                Per Food-Maven's suggestion I bought a few bagels at the Whole Foods in Milford this morning. They were delicious, much better than I expected and miles better than the bagels at the Whole Foods in Greenwich. Thanks for the tip.

                The Bagel Bar is OK but, my jewish father in law told me taht a good bagel will make your jaw hurt a little bit. The ones at Bagel Bar are very soft and rather large. OK in a pinch but not my favorite.

                re: Village Bagel. Not impressed at all by that place. Service is terrible and it's a bit on the dirt yside.

                1. re: kwhitehead

                  Wow, regarding Village Bagels in MILFORD, I've never experienced either of what you said. The staff within always greet us with smiles and remember my husband's order. Food is cooked to order so it does take some time. That's too bad; we haven't sensed dirtiness either when we've gone. That sux :-(

                  1. re: kwhitehead

                    I agree with KWhitehead on Village Bagels. The last time I was there I got so frustrated I never returned. Long story short - they have a limited menu board (and from what I recall - it didnt have prices on it) so I ask for a full menu (with prices) which they point out is laying on the top of the deli glass. I order my lunch, they make it and ring me up $1 higher than it should be (note that each time I went there, I always wondered how the bill got to what it was - but that's another issue and something I can't prove). I question the price and point out that they are ringing me up in excess of the stated prices. So then they tell me that the menu I was using has old prices and thus I am wrong, and further that they can prove it to me. They spend 30 seconds digging through a stack of menus behind the counter until finally they pull one out that has the inflated prices. So I say I don't care what the "new prices" are, I was given a menu, I ordered expecting it to be that price, and that's the price I am willing to pay. The employee at the register gets the cook involved and he says the same exact thing - I am wrong because the menu I used was out of date. Nevermind that they provided the "outdated" menu. Nevermind that this is a $1 difference. So I walked out and let them keep my lunch. For $1 they lost my business and a bunch of others, and lost out on some $6 sandwich sale as it was left unclaimed. Real smart.

                    Village Grill & Cafe
                    1590 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460

                    1. re: Jestner

                      I understand what Jestner is talking about. For years, all of the items posted on the menu board had prices, and all of a sudden, they disappeared. To be honest, I never knew they even had any other menus! Additionally, I think they have raised their bagel prices to H&H levels (but you can't discover that unless you ask or are paying for them!).
                      If you notice, they have also changed their name a couple of times in the past few was Village Bagels...then something it's Village Bagels again, and I don't think the ownership has changed.
                      A very, very strange place....

                      Village Bagels
                      1874 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880

                  2. re: GoodFoodie

                    Alas, Legal Grounds no longer carries H&H. I was there this morning.

                  3. Let's have a moment of silence for the Westville Kosher Bakery. The rye breads, and I use the plural because they made several different kinds, were the standard by which I judged all other ryes. The bialys, the kichel. Oh, it's so sad. I just don't think it is worth eating rye bread any more.

                    What was that? Best bagels, now? I dunno. Still missing the M & T, too.

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                    1. re: Pipenta

                      The fact is that New Haven has no really good bagels. When you consider that our city could really be the launching ground of bagels as a mainstream food (birthplace of Lender's - well before they were "dumbed down" for the mass market), it is truly a sad situation. Even the H & H bagels that are shipped into our marketplace are not nearly as good as those that we get in New York. We have a summer home in Milford, and have really tried to like the bagels at the Bagel Bar, but I agree with kwhitehead, they're notable only for their size, but fall way short in the "chewiness department."