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Oct 28, 2009 02:01 PM

kosher in Jamaica & carribean

My family is considering a vacation at one of the Jamaican resorts or on other Carribean islands. What Kosher food exists in these places. Do the resorts offer kosher frozen dinners or will we need to pack labriute or other similar meals to go there.

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  1. I would highly recommend going on a club kosher january vacation. This year they are going to Punta Cana. It is a great trip and everything is included once you get to the resort. We have gone on their vacations many times. they are at

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      A club kosher vacation is beyond my price range. I am asking for some advice regarding regular vacations.

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        Kosher food is not available unless you go to aruba or costa rica. I would price labruite foods and u will see club kosher is a great deal. check them out.

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          LaBriute meals are vile, and I wouldn't recommend them. I've only been to Aruba, but there, the supermarkets are full of American products with hechshers, so if you bring some frozen meat and a plug-in cooking item (burner, Foreman grill, etc.), you can cook pretty much whatever you'd like. I actually stayed in a condo when I was there, with a full kitchen, so we kashered a burner, brought a pot and a few utensils, double-wrapped in the oven, and bough whatever we needed at the local supermarket. It was easy, and definitely cheaper than a club kosher vacation.

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            My parents did that in Aruba. They actually brought most of their food alreay cooked and frozen and brought it double wrapped to heat up. A plug in warmer heated the food on Shabbat.

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        1. We vacationed in Montego Bay, Jamaica quite a long time ago, and brought along sealed and double wrapped frozen meals from one of the kosher take-out places. We arranged in advance with the hotel, to store the meals in their freezer, heat, and serve them to us via room service.

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              I'm guessing Bzdh is referring to places here in the US like Noah's Ark in Teaneck (which does do this...but it's $$)

              I had enough luck about a year and half ago sending a cooler along with my husband when he had business in Tampa, Fl. Of course now with all the luggage restrictions I wouldn't know how to advise people.

          1. I too am looking for kosher food in montego bay..any ideas?

            1. There is now a Chabad in Jamaica, in Montego Bay. You can order kosher food from them thru this website, or contact them for other options: