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Oct 28, 2009 01:54 PM

Pete's Big Bite in Whitby Ontario

This place is great. I don't see it mentioned hardly at all and I thought it should be. I have eaten at all the burger places nearby (Starr, Johnnys) and this is the best. Prices are normal for homemade fare, about 10 bucks for a combo.

Get the the bad boy burger big bite sauce and the hot relish, with onion rings

Thank my later.

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  1. I've been on a burger kick recently and just happened to try this place out.

    I had the 4oz burger and it was a premanufactured steakette. The 6oz was a larger version of the 4oz patty. The 4oz patty was dwarfed by everything else on the burger. The rings were again, pre-fab, brought in from a supplier. Nothing home-made about either of them.

    I wanted to like this place as I believe in supporting the local guy and home-cooking. I can't recommend the burgers at all.

    Starr's homeburger is excellent, Pete's doesn't come close.

    Here are some shots of my Pete's experience.

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    1. re: Dr Butcher

      they look like good onion rings... not like frozen mccain variety (from your pictures)

      1. re: duckdown

        The onion rings aren't the issue, they are ok. I've had the same rings at numerous places. They're just not home made as stated by the OP.

        Really, how hard is it to make onion rings? I think it's plain laziness when a place chooses the prefab route. You'd save money in the long run making your own. Instead, the cost is passed onto the customer as those seven or eight onion rings cost me $3.35.

        1. re: Dr Butcher

          they look home made to me is what i mean...

          alot of places will pre-fry them and keep them handy, because the battering of each ring by hand placed-to-order takes up time.. not saying your wrong , just that they do look homemade to me

          disappointing the burger was a frozen steakette though

    2. What !?!!

      I have yet to find a burger better that the Starr's homemade version, in Whitby. Although, I just found out a new place, to me, has opened near the 4 Corners. I think its called Nick's Grill or something like that.

      Not even Kel's chip truck, which does have very good fries, next to Moodie's Motor Inn‎.

      Will report back when I have try Nick's.

      PS: willing to try places for burgers as long as they have non purchased frie.