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Oct 28, 2009 01:36 PM

Knife Sharpening in Farmington Hills [Detroit Area]

I don't know if this the correct board for this subject. A hardware store on 12 mile Rd in Farmington Hills offers knife sharpening. I just had 4 knives sharpened and the bill was just $6.10. The hardware store is Jean's Hardware, a True Value store, across the street from Harrison High School near Middle Belt Rd.

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  1. Always welcome news to know where to take our knifes. :)

    I have been getting mine done lately at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market @ 2$ a knife. The same guy does knifes at the Okemos Farmers Market.

    I may end up trying your Farmington guy as I do not have to be there during such a narrow window.

    1. Jean's is a great hardware store. It's about the size of the paint dept. at a Home Depot, but they always seem to have what I need. I've seen the sign for knife sharpening, but haven't tried it. Did they do a good job - I assume so, or you wouldn't post!

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        Archfan, they did a very good job. I brought the knives in on Monday AM and they called me on Tuesday PM to say they were ready.
        I also love that hardware shop. There is always someone there to answer my questions.

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          Archfan, they did a very good job. I brought the knives in on Monday morning and they were ready for pick up on Tuesday afternoon.
          I also love that hardware store. There is always someone who can get you what you need and answer my questions.

        2. Thanks so much for the tip! I've been looking for a place to have my knives sharpened! Great price too!

          1. I was in McNichols Electric (13725 W. McNichols, Detroit) picking up my rice cooker when I saw the sign that they do knife sharpening as well. I talked to the owner and he uses a grinder (rather than a belt sander) and said he has good experience with the better French and German knives but little experience with the Japanese style (harder steel normally). I didn't use them for sharpening but it's another possibility.

            1. A couple of weeks ago there was a knife sharpening guy at the B'ham Farmer's Market. I don't know if he's there every week.

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                There is a guy at the Northville farmer's market on Thursdays