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Oct 28, 2009 01:23 PM

Mini Chowhound stories...

So warning: do not continue reading if you have no interest hearing about other people children and the cute things they do b/c what may be cute to one person may not be to another, but I just had to post about this. The other day my almost 3 year old and I were in the kitchen and while I was cooking, to keep her busy and involved I had her picking herbs of their stems and putting them in piles...rosemary, basil and mint. So, later that day I see her "play" ice cube tray where she had proceeded to place one perfectly plucked mint leaf in the bottom of each cube. Keep in mind I have never done this. Later when I asked her if she did that she replied, "yes mommy I though it would make pretty ice cubes." I thought it was so very "Martha" of her, especially because she chose the mint which was the most appropriate for ice cubes. Just had to share, sorry... Anyone else have any mini chowhound stories?

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  1. Do cats count? '-D

    Our cat (The Dude) got VERY excited yesterday when we came home with our latest CSA box. Turns out he just lurrrvvvs the smell of leeks. I kid you not: he jumped up on the window sill where I had placed the two fat stalks, and proceeded to sniff & lick the leaves (good thing the outer leaves are disposed of). Weird, but cute.

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      thats a cute story, but be careful how attached your cat gets to leeks. While milder, they are part of the onion family which is toxic to cats (dogs too)..Onions contain a substance (N-propyl disulphide) which destroys red blood cells in the cat/dogs. This is present in leeks as well

    2. I've got one. You know how after it rains, there are earthworms on the sidewalk? Well a couple of days later, there are curled up, dried earthworms on the sidewalk. Our dog loves to eat them. Just adores them. Eight y.o. son and I were walking dog and commenting on his new fav snack. "They're sort of doggie tapas," I say. Son says, "yeah, I bet with some salt, pepper, and olive oil, they might be pretty good." Pause. "Can I try that some time?"

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        Ha! That reminds me when I was a kid, there was this large field of the juiciest, greenest, fresh grass nearby, and I always thought "man, with my mom's salad dressing, i'd totally eat that" '-D

      2. My kids are both mini chowhounds. We eat all sorts of food (Indian ethnicity but family grew up in Burma and Singapore). I cook fairly spicy food, mostly of aisan backgorund, and have a kitchen full of asian ingredients, and my kids are used to eating spicy foods. My 6yo son and 3.9yo daughter have a play kitchen in their playroom. A couple weeks ago, she was cooking him "play food" (invisible food on toy plates). She brought him a plate and say "I made you some chicken kebobs". He pretends to taste it and says to her "they're good, but I think they need more lemongrass and ginger. And can you bring me some chilli sauce to dip them in?"

        I was laughing as she went back to her kitchen and proceeded to return with the new and improved kebobs with chilli sauce for him to try.

        1. Although we don't have children, I can dig this post. The OP's daughter may, indeed, become the Martha Stewart of her time.

          It never ceases to amaze me the number of small children (age 4-10) who come into our restaurant and order -- and eat -- sushi! I just thought that kids would find the idea of raw fish "yukky." I'm not talking about just California rolls -- I mean all kinds of raw fish.

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            The other thing that I have noticed with her is how when she is outside and makes a collection of say flowers, or sticks, or leaves...when she hands them to me they are in a beautifully arranged could just stick them in a vase and you would have thought someone who was professionally skilled at arranging bouquets did it. I DO NOT have that knack, my stuff is always awkward until I fumble with it forever and then even then... it's questionable. It's too funny! But let me preface all these "Martha'isims" w/the fact that the girl will almost only eat PB&J, pizza, and chicken nuggets... : (
            (we're working on it)

          2. As I was putting her to bed tonight, my 4 year old said, "Mommy, can we go back to that place which had the pâté I really liked?" She was talking about Slightly North of Broad in Charleston; she really enjoyed the duck pâté.