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Oct 28, 2009 01:16 PM

Where to buy oysters by the pint in Mississauga (or GTA)

With American Thanksgiving coming in November, I'm starting to look for ingredients to make some traditional southern family recipes. One is oyster pie which I usually make with (pre-shucked) Willapoint oysters sold by the pint that were readily available in my US grocery stores. I haven't seen them or anything similar in the grocery stores since my move to Canada. Does anyone have a source in Mississauga (preferably) or the GTA for pre-shucked oysters?

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  1. t&t in mississauga will have them for sure ---- pre shucked in a pint container

    1. I've bought them at Loblaws and Whole Foods. You have to ask for them at the fish counter.

      1. Whew! Loblaws Miss. fish counters are awful, among the most maldorous in the west end. Frankly, the Miss. T&T, while sweeter-smelling, isn't all that great, either. You might try Mike's on N. Queen near Sherway Gardens but call first.

        West End Restaurant
        151 Emerson St, Hamilton, ON L8S2Y1, CA

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          I bought my oysters at the Forest Hill Loblaws, which is pretty awful, too (I never ever buy fresh fish there). The oysters come in frozen -- shucked elsewhere and shipped off to the retailers. All you have to do is ask for frozen (as opposed to already thawed) shucked oysters to ensure "freshness" and avoid potential stinkiness.


        2. there's a chinese market in the plaza northeast corner of finch and leslie, they have shucked oysters in pint and larger sized containers, as well as lots of other seafood. they also have a good fruit and vegetable selection.

          1. Costco has them as well.