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Has anyone used "Restaurants On The Go" for delivery? Your comments please.

Restaurants On The Go Ltd
Tel: (416) 932-3999

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  1. It's a decent service. You can order by phone, or online, however if you have a special request phone is better so the dispatcher can check with the restaurant.

    I've only ever used it for The Real Jerk, and delivery takes an hour, if not an hour and fifteen--I am guessing that's got more to do with the restaurant than ROTG.

    Note that although ROTG charges a delivery fee, your driver's tip is not included.

    Real Jerk
    709 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1H1, CA

    The Real Jerk
    709 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1H1, CA

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    1. re: Olivia

      Used to use them on occasion but as others have pointed out it never takes less than an hour and the prices are inflated. It's not the restaurant, we order take out from the Real Jerk on occasion (and at one point when we had no kitchen quite a lot) and they do a land office business in takeout and it's always quick and correct.

      Real Jerk
      709 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1H1, CA

      The Real Jerk
      709 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1H1, CA

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        Thanks so much bytepusher, that is really good to know. Might sway me towards driving down there to pick it up.

    2. I have used them several times. It's a tough call, they provide access to some great restaurants that don't delivery. There website is easy to use and makes ordering quick. However, I have never revcieved my food in under an hour and more times than not it is luke warm. I have stopped using them as of late as one of my fav's no longer uses them "too many complaints, food arriving cold.

      1. I just ordered from them the other day, and while they have some interesting restaurants that don't deliver, it did take over 2 hours for our food to be delivered and we had to pay $12.95 for delivery AND tip. Something to think about only if you're not in a rush to eat.

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          Yikes! Have you tried calling customer service about it? If you intend to order again, you might try calling and explaining why your last experience makes you hesitant. I started using orderit as a (much, much too expensive) alternative to dining hall food while living in residence. (Exact matches for stress cravings and edible, preservative free food - it made sense till the credit card bills came in!)

          Anyway, I have called and emailed to complain about delays on several occasions in the past, and about half the time, they have offered a delivery credit - which makes the price of your next order much more appealing! It might be worth a try - over 2 hours is a very legitimate complaint, and they've offered credit for much shorter delays.

        2. Used them for many times at work (that's sad, isn't it?). Generally, service is great, but there are occasional late deliveries; but they blame it on the restaurants forgetting orders but not their own drivers.
          Just a note, their menu is actually more expensive than the actual restaurant menu. If the restaurant also offers delivery and your residence happens to be within the bound, you can save a few bucks there. They also charge delivery fee... your bill could get hefty.
          Happy ordering!

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          1. re: yellowbeet

            I've ordered a few times, and delivery was an hour, or an hour, fifteen minutes. The food was lukewarm, as already mentioned, and I agree that the price is exhorbant by the time delivery and tip is added.

            Recently, I used http://www.just-eat.ca/ and was quite pleased. They offer specials (20% off certain restaurants to promote them, or free delivery, etc).

          2. From the other posters, it seems like this service marks up the menu prices and charges a delivery fee on top of that. As many of the restaurants on the list already deliver, this seems an unnecessary premium.

            Another thing to consider is that many of the participating restaurants put up their whole menu, regardless of whether some of these dishes pack and travel well. Salads and fish will be wilted and mushy by the time you get them.

            1. Thank you all the comments!

              1. Hi all,
                Just came across this thread and wanted to provide some clarity, if I may.
                My name is Cameron Reid and I am the President and Founder of Restaurants on the Go and Orderit.ca.
                There are some very good points raised which I would like to quickly address. First is pricing; it is our policy that we will never, and have never, marked up any restaurant prices. Restaurant menu prices are submitted by the participating restaurants and any pricing decisions/changes are made by them. Some restaurants choose to raise their prices for a variety of reasons and it is something that we highly discourage - yet, as they are individual businesses, they reserve that right. We are actively working with the restaurant to ensure that their pricing stays in line. With that said, over 90% of the restaurant menus posted on our website are offered at the same pricing as in the restaurant.
                We do in fact charge a delivery fee for the services of delivery as all the drivers that deliver are employed by us.
                Our goal is to deliver convenience and variety. As a company that is engaged in the logistics of processing and delivering hundreds of orders per day - we do experience bumps along the way. As you can imagine, there are specific times when everyone loves to order in: a cold or rainy evening, a special TV night, etc. We manage this volume as best we can and continue to make improvements in order that we can get orders to our customers in a timely fashion. Late orders to happen from time to time but I am confident in saying that the vast majority of the time we uphold our promise - delivering convenience and variety in a timely fashion. It takes a little longer than fast food that is pre prepared and ready to deliver - but it is often worth the little extra wait to experience real food from real restaurants!
                Thanks for listening.

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                1. re: creid

                  I don't doubt Cameron Reid is a nice guy doing his best to provide a good service.


                  Over the years I have tried 4-5 times - and EVERY time I have wondered why I didn't remember my last bad experience.

                  Inter alia:

                  - food arriving luke warm to cool: such a cadillac-priced service should surely have containers or heating units of some sort to keep the elements of an order at appropriate temperature

                  - food carelessly packed so that, for instance, a once-chilled dessert is melted by a once--hot main course

                  - food never designed to travel nonetheless appearing on restaurant menus - and not initially edited out/questioned by Mr Reid and his team

                  - long waits and endless excuses for same - I am NOT referring to a special holiday or Super Bowl-type event

                  - lack of quality control; if Mr Reid doesn't impose it, SOME restaurants will try and get away with blue murder. EG I thought it would be nice for some guests and I to have steak frites, ordered steaks rare so that if they arrived cooled it would be easy to quickly sear them again. The (sirloin) steaks that arrived were FULL of fat and gristle. When I phoned the restaurant owner to complain he swore at me.

                  Sorry, I would rather send my own car and a driver, me or a friend, down to a place to get exactly what is ordered and deal directly with management - Shizuan Shizuan at First Canadian Place is an example of a restaurant that will cheerfully send a bus boy out with my order onto King St so no parking hassles. The mark ups, delivery hassles and lack of basic quality controls plus the need for Reid's operation to make a profit (which he has every right to) simply make his service frustrating to use unless there was no other alternative. Sorry.

                  1. re: Bigtigger

                    We stopped ordering after the last experience - 90 minute wait and the food arrived nicely refrigerated.

                    And just try getting off their mailing list; despite many calls we're still getting multiple mailings.

                2. We've used OrderIt perhaps a half dozen times over the past few years. Mostly from the Real Jerk, and once or twice from Little India. We never had any problems. The deliveries always arrived within an hour, the food was no more lukewarm than any other delivery, and the orders were always correct. But I have to say it is always expensive -- we could easily eat out in a neighourhood resto and have a few beers for the same amount as it costs to have two meals and a couple sodas delivered. As a result we only use it when we're feeling really lazy, and not in the mood for a pizza, and we offset the high delivery charge by ordering enough to make sure we can get a lunch out of the leftovers the next day.

                  Agree that the mailings are annoying. We receive the same identical copy of the catalog repeatedly, at least every few months even when nothing has changed. It seems so wasteful to toss out that big glossy booklet every time, especially since everything is online. Why can't we opt out easily of the paper mailings? Then again, takeout is wasteful all round, so I guess there's no point in worrying about a bit of extra paper in the context of all those plastic bags, napkins, styrofoam and plastic utensils you never asked for.

                  1. Found this post while searching for "orderit" on this board, and while I definitely understand the complaints (have stomped around swearing I would never use orderit again on several occasions), I am guilty of terrible laziness, especially on those cold, miserable weather nights mentioned above!

                    So, my question is: are there any Restaurants on the Go participants you particularly recommend? In the past, I've searched this board for certain restaurants before ordering for the first time and a number of them really haven't come up on Chow before!

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                      I think it's telling that so many of the restos on orderit.ca don't merit a mention here on Chowhound. You can do so much better dining in this town. Only in the Indian food category do they have half decent restaurants but the problem we found is that the food from some of those places (e.g. Host) didn't travel well - arrived congealed and in smaller portions than at the restaurant.

                      Should add that they do have Asian Legend, which isn't that bad.