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Oct 28, 2009 11:39 AM

Pizza in Vegas

Okay, any rec's for delicious pizza in Vegas--preferably on the Strip (or downtown), but doesn't have to be. And call me old fashioned (or plain), but I love red sauce on my pizza. The toppings, though, is where I'm more than happy to explore. Cheap to moderately priced is the range I'm looking in...

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  1. I would recommend Metro Pizza. They have a location not far from the Strip in the Ellis Island Casino on Koval Lane. They do a very good thin-crust Chicago-Style pizza there and I am from Chicago so I know these types of pizzas well. They also do quite a few New York style pizzas but I have never tried them before.

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      I agree -- Metro is pretty good. Lots of other locations too.

      Metro Pizza
      1395 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119

      1. re: Steve Green

        I recommend Broadway Pizza on Rancho just north of Charleston. Also, you may want to do a search on the Las Vegas Weekly website, as two weeks ago they had a special pizza issue.

    2. Here ya go. ALL the good Vegas pizza joints in one issue.

      1. It's not a pizza joint but I had one of the best pizza's if not the best at Stratta in the Wynn for lunch. It was called Bosco. Simple yet amazing.

        3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        1. There is also Roccos New York Italian Deli at Charleston and Buffalo.

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            Settebello is well worth the trip, especially if you want pizza the way they make it in Italy. Simply superb. However if staying close to the strip is of great importance then the previously mentioned Metro Pizza is probably the next best option.

            140 S Green Valley Pkwy Ste 172, Henderson, NV 89012

          2. Just tried Anthony's Coal Oven Pizza in Town Square. It was great. Thin pizza and really crispy with just the right amount of char.