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Frank Pepe Open

Has anyone tried it yet? Westchester Magazine says it's open.

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  1. Actually, I believe the article said it was opening in November.

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          Correction: They officially open tomorrow. If you happen to stop by today, you will be served. Pizza and salad , complimentary (one medium pie per two people) although my waitress allowed me to order a pie to go in addition to the one we ate there. I was under the assumption I would be charged for this, I wasn't . Had I known I would not have ordered it). I don't expect them to remain open into the evening, they closed at 4pm yesterday.

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              The clam pie was as good as the pies I've had at the New Haven location. I didn't try the sausage pie DH ordered.
              EDIT: Its difficult to see in the photos, but some of the clams were whole
              EDIT: I hate to be negative but this location does not have the charm of the original location and it was pretty noisy, but hey its a pizza parlor.

    1. had clam pie, and then spinach brocc, anch. both were very good, the counter and oven set up very cool

      1. Went there last night and it was jamming (at around 6:30pm). The clam pie was excellent the cheese w moz, was good not unbelievable. I would wait a bit before going as the staff although very nice were not ready for the rush and were a bit overwhelmed. Had to wait about an hour for the pizza to arrive, although it was hot when brought to the table. As we were leaving at 8pm there were only a few people waiting to get in and the dining room was thinning out so maybe a little later arrival would help the service experience now. All in all not disappointed and will definitely return.

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          as for lunch go 230pm or later much easier

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            I've driven by at all times and the parking lot is always full. It's been keeping me from stopping by.

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              I tried to call Friday to see if they took reservations, and they did not answer the phone. Only answering machine. They must be really busy.

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                  Totally packed last night at 9pm

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                    went for a second time recently, did a clam pie with spinach garlic mozz...was great..better than first clam pie a week ago

        2. Is this where the old Ricky's was located?

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              What is the address for Pepe's Pizza, Yonkers?