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Where to Buy Baby Back Pork Ribs--Pasadena area

I'd like to cook some ribs this coming weekend but am not sure where to go to buy the baby back ribs. Also, what's a good deal per pound? Smart and Final has them for $3.99/lb and I haven't checked Costco yet. Any other suggestions? regular grocery stores like Ralph's or Von's maybe? I need to buy 10lbs so i'm trying to get a good quality meat at a decent price. Thanks!

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  1. I'd go for Smart & Final. The price is good, they'll have the quantity you want (more likely than Ralphs or wherever) and their stores are much less of a hassle than Costco. Those will be Farmer John, but I've found FJ meats to be OK, as long as I steer clear of the hot dogs...

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      Thanks. I wholeheartedly agree on the "hassle" factor being lower at S&F compared to Costco.

    2. I know it's a hassle but I think Costco's baby backs are the best. I have never tried S & F but have tried others & always come back to Costco. If you are going to go to the trouble of cooking ribs, I say go to Costco.

      1. I would go to How's on Huntington and San Gabriel. You might have to call ahead an order of that size, but they carry quality stuff. It'll probably be pricier than S&F and Costco, but nothing crazy like Whole Foods.

        1. i generally buy them from costco, think that they are $2.99/lb. just bought some yesterday at sam's club - $2.69/lb. don't know if you belong and if there are any in your area. enjoy!

          1. My first stop/call would be HOWS market, as that's my default choice for anything meat-related. Just down the street is Howie's Ranch Market. The independent butcher there (I can't recall the name) offers top quality meats as well. Per HOWS weekly flyer, they're $4.99/lb this week, although they're listed as "frozen/defrosted." You could call and ask if they also have fresh.

            Howie's Ranch Market
            6580 N San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA

            Hows Market
            4848 West 190th Street, Torrance, CA 90503

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              Butcher inside of Howie's Ranch Market = Alexander's Meats.

              Howie's Ranch Market
              6580 N San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA

            2. Alexanders Meats in Howies market in San Gabriel is always good.

              But lately, I've been buying my ribs (I prefer spare ribs over baby backs) at Super King on Lincoln in Altadena. Really meaty slabs for pretty cheap. If you get them untrimmed a slab is about $6.

              1. Thanks for everyone's suggestions.
                Well, I actually ended up getting pork spare ribs (Farmer John's) after finding them at Pavillion's for only $1.99/lb plus an additional 30% off. I bought about 15lbs.

                1. I only buy from Costco now bcause they're meatier and come 3 large slabs to a pack. I've seen the ones at Smart and Final and they are also decent in size but I've never tried them before. Brisket on the other hand is a Smart and Final purchase.