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Oct 28, 2009 11:06 AM

Sysco Outlet Store - Pork Butts?

Folks -

I have been to the Sysco store in Elkridge and have purchased a whole, packer cut of brisket so I know they have great stuff.

What I am wondering is if they also carry pork butts. I need to fire up the smoker this Sunday, rake some leaves and leave the Redskin's game off.

Has anyone bought pork butts from Sysco Store on Route 1 in Elkridge?


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  1. I answered my own question. No, they do not carry pork butts.

    Harrist Teet always has butts. Can anyone tell me where they've gotten good prices on this other than major supermarket chains?


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    1. re: jac0077

      OK I know you state "other then major supermarket chains" but I've had very good luck with SAMSCLUB in Laurel or other spots I'll guess. They vac-u-pac two to a bag and the I've found the pork to be good for some reason and I've smoked a ton.

      BUT if you want to go small scale and get some service:

      Laurel Meat Market, 347 Main St. 301-725-5855 has been around for 35 years.

      Or Beiler's Meats at Dutch Country Farmers Market - 9701 Fort Meade Road in Laurel.

      Last, Boarman's - 13402 Clarksville Pike, Highland 301-854-2883

      1. re: Smokeater55

        I absolutely agree with Smokeater55's three places. I think you can call any of them, although I think there is more pork at Beiler's than at Laurel Meat Market.

        1. re: HowChowBlog

          Thanks so much for the great info. I will be up in Baltimore on Friday and will swing by one or more of the Laurel spots on the way back. Costco sells two butts per pack and I have gotten them there, but I prefer bone-in. Theirs is boneless.
          Many thanks!

      2. re: jac0077

        Giant Eagles in Frederick always has fresh hams and pork butts. Bit of a haul from Elkridge (I know, because I do it every day) but they are consistent.

      3. I get my butts and packer briskets from Bestway. 89 cents and $1.89 per pound respectively.

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        1. re: monkeyrotica

          I have seen this place mentioned many times on chowhound. That butt price is hard to believe. The brisket price as well seems very good. It's certainly competetive with the Sysco store if not better. Thanks!

          1. re: jac0077

            Smokeater55 - Do you know if Bestway sells pork belly as well? While I'm there getting pork butt, I would love to pick up a slab of belly to make some more bacon.

            1. re: jac0077

              Bestway does carry uncured bacon (pork belly), but it's not in slab form. It's cut into 1/4 lb, 1-inch thick slices.

              1. re: monkeyrotica

                Ok. Not what I was hoping to find. Will be visiting tomorrow and will post afterwards and detail my purchases.

                By the way, I am up in the Frederick area from time to time on my way to Emmitsburg. I know exactly where the Giant Eagle store is. I will have to stop in soon. Maybe they have pork belly. Worth the trip for the pork butts it sounds like. Thanks!

                1. re: jac0077

                  I usually shop at the one on 7th street, just off 15.

        2. I usually buy them at Shopper's, Costco or the Greenbelt Coop.

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          1. re: 4X4

            I visited the Bestway market in Herndon and wanted to report on my findings.

            I was happy to find pork butts for $1.09/lb which may not be the lowest price but cheaper than Harris Teeter. They had bone-in (which I prefer) with picnic. I was also wondering about pork belly and another post mentioned that Bestway had thick-cut bacon but not slabs of belly. This is not the case at least at the Herndon location. I asked the butcher and he said he could cut me a piece. I got a nice slab about 5 pounds in weight for $2.49/lb. nearly a dollar less than the Korean Mart in Wheaton area. Got the pork butt on the smoker now and belly curing for bacon in 7-10 days. Yum!

          2. I know it's a little late now for this, but the Sysco store does carry Pork Butts on hand in their refrigerated section. They also carry Pork Loins. Good pricing and quality (I just bought 2 butts last week). Everything I have bought from there has been top quality.