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Blue Hill @ Stone Barns

So we have reservations and are wondering what to expect with the Farmers Feast. GF is vegetarian, I am not. Will it be a multitude of very small dishes or ??? Would like to hear from people that have experienced this restaurant. Thanks

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  1. Make sure you eat before you go, the portions are TINY !

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      I disagree!!!! I've been many, many times and always arrive STARVING (saving up!) and always leave satisfied to a little too full. It's a magical experience. ENJOY!!!


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        i can't imagine anyone leaving there hungry, but i guess people have different capacities and expectations, and the type and quantity of food might very well vary from table to table, night to night. but i still, haven't heard this particular complaint before now.

    2. Your server will ask you if there are things you do not like--meat being a major no-no for one of you, and perhaps one of you does not like beets, etc.--anything you really like (I always make sure I'm going to get a version of their amazing soft-boiled egg with greens). Expect to be enjoying small plates for....well...hours. There should be a larger "main dish" type plate towards the end--nothing approaching entree size, but substantial. You will not go home hungry, I don't hink. You will be presented with a few dishes that you may find ridiculous, and, I hope, many many more dishes that you find delightful and even transcendent!

      1. You can choose either a 5 or 8 course tasting, in addition to a handful of small bites to get you started. Portions are consistent and like Kat said, substantial. I have to disagree with Victoria and suggest that you have breakfast only- I have been many times and always leave too full- Everything is so delicious, I refuse to leave anything on my plate. Enjoy!

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          Thank you all, we are very excited and I know my GF is hoping they offer her something with a nice egg in it.

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            Ps. request something with the daily farm egg. I always do, and am always presented with a new idea, and it is ALWAYS delicious! My favorite is the almond crusted farm egg atop greens. Oh my, now I'm craving this. And their delicious little tomato "burgers"!!!!!


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              I will make sure we get something with their eggs!

        2. I feel like people here don't understand the concept of a tasting menu, as well as the idea that you're not supposed to leave a restaurant feeling like you're ready to burst.

          The portions are perfectly sized. A multitude of small to medium sized dishes. Most meat dishes have about 2oz. piece of meat, but you get 2-3 of them, as well as many other dishes and sides and sauces. The service is completely unpretentious. The grounds are stunning and the restaurant itself is warm and gorgeous.

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            i completely agree with you. the tasting menu is a great way to challenge your own tastes and explore creativity in food. btwn the amuse they bring out and the 5 dishes on the tastin menu and a few drinks, i am usually more than full. not as full as when i go to Outback (i actually like outback), but full. the dishes may not always work for you, but they are well prepared.

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              Ahem. Really? I think most everyone here does understand the concept of a tasting menu, with a few exceptions. I love Blue Hill at Stone Barns--I'd eat there once a week if my budget allowed!

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                Hmmm....if you had prefaced your statements with the verbage "in my opinion", I would not have felt compelled to answer, however, in MY opinion, although there are a multitude of dishes, I found many of them to be fair to mediocre; in MY opinion the service was amateurish, and far from commensurate with the cost; I agree that the grounds are lovely, but I would not call the restaurant gorgeous. Except for a suberb pre-dinner cocktail, and a fabulous egg on a salad, I was woefully disappointed, and spent over $300 for the experience. By the way, I completely understand the concept of a tasting menu...

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                  "in my opinion" need not be typed. it's implied. even if it is typed, if the assertion is just dead wrong, then a response is warranted. the inclusion or exclusion of "in my opinion" during discussions shouldn't dictate whether one gets involved in the discussion or not. in my opinion, of course.

                  as for tasting menus, i have no idea if people who have replied here understand them or not. what i do know is that not many people have said they've walked away hungry. that, is a fact.

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                    In my humble opinion I have to agree with Marge in that the food was just ok. I eat out almost every night of the week and have tasting menus frequently (the last being at SHO Shaun Hergatt (fantastic btw) but all in all BH@SB is way over-hyped amd medicore when it comes to the actual food. The place is grand. The grounds are amazing. The service is friendly. The bartenders and bar experience the 3 times I have been always is the best. The food is just lacking that magical "umph" factor when it comes to the taste. I get the concept and agree with it all but give me something that tastes better! For the record I love BH in the city and think the food is better there.

              2. I took several clients there last spring and we had the chef's tasting menu. It was absolutely incredible. When the first course came out, I thought that we were going to have to stop at a diner on the way home. By the time we were finished, I was extremely satisfied without being stuffed. I thought it was an excellent meal in all respects - quality, service, quantity, creativity, etc. - I would definitely go back.
                One of the highlights was the pickled ramp martini which was the special drink of the evening. I have not had a better martini anywhere.

                1. Wanted to do a quick follow up on our trip BH@SB. I'll cut to the cahse: It was completely wonderful!

                  We went with the 8 course Farmer's Feast, mine was for the carnivore, girlfriends was vegetarian.

                  Started with a parade of small amuses, crispy kelp chips, beet burgers (wonderful), fresh veggies on a fence, and the most ridiculously delicious house made V8 juice, and some lightly battered and fried leeks on a pike.. Was also given a split lamb bone with wonderful marrow and a generous helping of American Sturgeon caviar, GF was given a perfectly cooked squash that seemed to mimic the presentation of my marrow dish. All this before the "real" meal started.

                  I just realized I don't have a lot of time to write this so I'll summarize:

                  Tomato bisque with goat cheese
                  Long Island Porgie
                  An incredible egg with polenta
                  Lamb Neck ragout

                  Needless to say, we did not walk (or maybe waddle would be more appropriate) away hungry, I actually wished I had more room by the time I got to the lamb neck because I think I actually left a bite.

                  The desserts were wonderfully fresh but I couldn't muster more than a taste of each but there was no way I was going to not try them regardless of how full I was.

                  Oh, almost forgot. Before dinner we had a drink in the bar area, a sampling of 3 of thier awuavits, golden beer, fig, and geranium flower and I had the pickled ramp Martini which was reminicent of a dirty Martini but elevated to new heights (hope I can make it at home).

                  Four and one half hours of dining magic, can't wait to head back when the seasons change.

                  1. Has anyone made an overnight of it and stayed at an inn or b/b nearby? I'd love some recommendations - - much of what I'm seeing online for the Hudson Valley is over an hour from BHSB, which will seem like a trek after an epic meal!

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                      sabrina0 - I'd like to comment but any talk other than food related will get the post deleted from this site. What I can say is any inconvenience is worth it because BH@SB is really a special place.