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Oct 28, 2009 08:48 AM

Herring Salad- Have not seen it in stores in a while

Has anyone been finding chopped herring salads (pre-made) in stores? I use to see Acme brand in the stores here (Central NJ) but have not seen it in months. Any brands people like? I am not in love with the Acme brand., its ok, not great. I prefer one with more chopped eggs. Best chopped herring ever is from when Mrs. Locketch did cateering in the Young Israel of Brookline, MA, that was amazing chopped herring!

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  1. It's not difficult to make your own. You can use the Acme brand herring snacks in wine sauce (but only the snacks in wine sauce). Drain them, reserving the liquid. Place all of the fish and enough of the onion (I never add all the onion, only about a third of it) to taste into a food processor. Add boiled eggs as desired. If you like more chopped eggs then you might want to add several. Add a little of the reserved liquid and begin to pulse. Chop till you get the desired consistency, adding more liquid as necessary till you get the consistency you want, being careful not to make it too watery. Pour into a bowl and add more sugar, salt and pepper to taste, stirring well after each addition. Yes sometimes you do need to add more salt. Also, if you want to cut back on the sugar addition, then add some peeled, cored and sliced sweet apple (like fuji or gala) when you pulse the herring. However, if you do add the apple, the herring will spoil much quicker than if you do not add the apple, so don't store this longer than three or four days. I make this often and everyone loves my chopped herring. After you've made it a few times, you will learn how to balance the sugar and salt at the end, to get exactly the taste you desire.