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Oct 28, 2009 08:07 AM

Quick and good Baltimore lunch?

(Trying again...original question:


Looking for a place in Baltimore to stop for lunch on our trip from Alexandria to Jersey City. Husband does not eat meat, so pit beef-type places are out. (He does eat fish, though.) We don't know our way around Baltimore that well, and don't want to go too far off our track, so the suburbs and back roads are out too.

Ideally I'm thinking of an Indian or Middle-Eastern counter place, with seating. Or should we just head for the Lexington Market? Are there places to sit (like at Reading Market in Philly)?

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  1. Lex is closed Sunday, if that's when you're traveling. And yes, there are lots of places to sit upstairs if you like.

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      Nope, we're leaving tomorrow. May give the market a try, then!

    2. Baba's Mediterranean Kitchen

      Great food, great owner, and a great atmosphere. There is a nice little counter you can sit at too. It is also just minutes off 95 and easy to find.

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      1. For some reason my post didn't take.

        Grace Garden for Chinese

        Snyder's Willow Grove is just off the highway, and has fish dishes (though I've not had the fish).

        Baltimore Lake Trout?

        1. Take the Ft McHenry Tunnel(95 North) take the exit for O'donnell Street...maybe the third exit but it aint far after you pay the toll. Go back under I-95 and at past the second light(that will be Ponca Street) make the next right Oldham Street...go about 4-5 blocks and on your left is a little place called Samos..Great Greek food