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Oct 28, 2009 08:07 AM

Halloween dinner

Does anyone know of special Halloween dinners or menus being offered in DC/MD/B'more? No kids, hence the need to be out of the house.


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  1. The Examiner had a blog post listing a bunch of events---including special menus or items:

    Also a few years ago my bf and I had dinner at Filomena on Halloween. They place is decorated top to bottom with Halloween stuff. It's a little cheesy but it's also kind of fun. The pumpkin cheesecake doesn't hurt either.

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    1. However, be warned that Georgetown is a mob scene on Halloween. This could be fun, for sure but crazy nevertheless. I'm sure that "The Tombs" under 1789 does something- they have to, the place is called "The Tombs!"

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        Ah, back in the day did the G'town scene for Halloween. Thanks for the idea!

      2. Willow in Arlington normally does something for Halloween. I can't remember if they have a special menu, but I recall that they have "adult" type, gourmet treats. I think the servers may even wear Halloween costumes.