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Oct 28, 2009 07:33 AM

New Oceana

Going next week to the new Oceana on 49th and 6th. Any great entree or appetizer that I should order?


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  1. I know its a little on the norm. But they have by far one of the best chowders in manhattan. Linguica sausage gives it a little kick and it's great. The oysters are pretty great too. To drink, if you havn't had it, try the mothers milk. yum.

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      agreed on the oysters, their raw bar is great. really enjoyed the king crab leg i ate there recently as well. chowder... maybe i got a bad batch when i went but wasn't overly impressed. it was kind of bland. the presentation is great though... tableside. thought the scallops we had were simple and perfect.

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        Thank you so much. I love all the raw bar items. The Scallops sound great...just simply prepared is the way the best seafood should be. I will give a full report after I go.

    2. Just got done with dinner. Ambiance and service is outstanding. The chef is super sweet as well. Started with the poke trio, oysters in a vinagrette and the crabcakes. All were wonderful and had great spices in them. Main courses were the salmon a la plancha ( SO good) and the simple scallops. Side dish of the mushrooms and the brussle sprouts with maple and bacon...yum. Desserts were a trio of sorbet (pear, banana and fig) All were very well made and the lollipops of peanut butter and chocolate pudding. We left very full and happy.....yes, all that for 2 people and we ate it all.

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        Next time you MUST get the whole branzino, stuffed with mushrooms, spinach and olives. It's for 2. Gorgeous presentation, incredibly flavorful.

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          omg...yum....that sounds great. I look forward to returning

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            Wow that does sound terrific. I am very interested in this. Anyone have a picture perhaps? Also, has anyone experienced the lobsters there?

        2. We loved the old Oceana and went to the new one last night. It is very different. The ambience is very loud and glossy, just the opposite of the calm charm of the old place. The prix fixe menu is gone. We ordered starters and main courses and left as soon as we could. Of the four dishes only the grilled calimari stuffed with seafood sausage was up to the standards of the old place. The place was packed and will probably be a huge success, but not with us.

          120 W 49th St, New York, NY 10020

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            I am surprised you did not like it as much. I thought it had much more variety than the old spot and the food in my opinion was much better. It is a lot larger and louder, but overall an improvement.