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Oct 28, 2009 06:52 AM

Chinese Traditional buns

I went to CTB last night to try it out.

I didn't know what to order, so I grabbed the Spicy Chicken, and then had the fried bananas coated in honey for dessert just because I wanted to try it.

Any other recommended dishes there?

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  1. The dumplings are good. There's also a great fried noodle dish with spicy ground pork sauce.

    1. I love CTB! I was introduced to the place by a Taiwanese food critic who really liked the place. Every time I go there I get two things (these aren't the actual menu names, which I never remember): the silky/spicy/soupy tofu, and what we like to call the "Chinese hamburger", which is braised meat (can't remember if it's lamb or beef) chopped up and stuck between 2 toasted buns (doesn't sound like much but it's great). Try these appetizers out next time as part of your meal, you won't be disappointed. And if anyone can tell us what these dishes are actually called that would be awesome.

      They also make great soup buns, dumplings, and noodles. Everything seems to be homemade. I haven't ventured much into the expanded menu they introduced a couple of years back.

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        The chinese hamburger is actually the xian cured pork sandwich. Very tasty. I love the steamed buns with the red bean paste also. Yum!

        1. re: fickle

          they have a beef or lamb version as well. So you're both right.

          The spicy noodles haggisdragon is referring to is dan dan or da lu noodles, I forget. They are great. You can ask for hand made noodles for an extra $1, I believe. Worth it.

          I love this place. One warning, though, they are hit and miss with the mutton skewers. First time I had them, they were delicious. Last two times, way too much gristle and fat. I don't mind that stuff, but they weren't on the grill long enough to break down a bit more.

          1. re: fickle

            Finally tried the xian cured pork sandwich. Delish. Also ordered their pork soup dumplings & the largest serving of gai lan ever- at least 3, if not 4 cups of gai lan. Hope to try the steamed buns with red bean past next time!

            Chinese Traditional Buns
            536 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

        2. I love the food and the people here.

          Definitely try the jellied bean curd. The cured pork sandwich is really good but also try the beef and cumin sandwich.
          The mutton shashlick can be sublime, but lately It's been only "OK". Very greasy chunks of lamb with cumin and other spices, very worthy of trying.
          Get some soup filled dumplings and proceed with caution.
          My favorite dumplings here are filled with egg and zucchini.
          Under the "dry noodles" section, get the dan-dan noodles. Ask for them with the home-made noodles.
          Definitely get the pickled cucumber.


          1. I like Chinese Traditional Buns a lot but I had something really really bad there last week. It was a noodle soup (with th hand pulled noodles) called Noodles with Hot and Sour Meat Sauce. The "sauce" was bland soup that was so watery that I think it came straight from the tap. The meat and spicy part would probably have been good if there was even the slightest bit of flavour in the soup. Horrible. Also, the hand pulled noodles were excllent. I'll still go there, for buns, dumplings, pulled pork sandwich, dan dan noodles, etc. But please, don't get that "soup".

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            1. re: acd123

              I went there over holiday and had a few amazing dishes. The Mao Po Tofu was great, the dan dan noodles are yummy. Also the dill and prok dumplings are good.

              However I heard there was some sort of altercation there recently and it has been closed. Does anyone know what happened and if the staff is all ok? The articles are vague and I can't tell if it was someone who worked there that was killed.

                  1. re: magic

                    I worked at a Keg where the dishwasher murdered the chef. It's random.

                    1. re: crawfish

                      i hope they're not done....the beef in spicy soup is so addictive...i think the one here and a northern traditional kitchen are my favourite versions....

            2. I think this is the most recently updated thread about ctb. I too love their Dan Dan noodles (in all their salty greasy glory), jellied bean curd, and dumplings. I walked by the other night and it looked like they were shutting down!! I would be devastated!! Any have any info? I hope I'm wrong.

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              1. re: equalibra

                What were the indications that they were shutting down for good?

                1. re: plug

                  i'm also curious about this...

                  1. re: nevrenuf

                    I walked by that night too. I am pretty sure that they where just taking out the garbage because I walked by tonight and it was business as usual.

                    1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                      Awesome! I guess it seemed like they were taking out quite a lot of stuff. And I feel like maybe even loading some things into a truck? Anyway, perhaps I will go tomorrow and check it out.

                      1. re: equalibra

                        I was there over the weekend so no, definitely not closed.

                        1. re: equalibra

                          Yeah, they had quite a bit of junk when I walked by. Large pieces of metal and bags etc...