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Oct 28, 2009 06:49 AM

Can I cook something with chicken liver paté?

We've made some very smooth chicken liver pâté, except noone really likes cold paté in our house (why we made it in the first place is another story). Just wondering whether we could cook something with it, maybe use it like foie gras - pan fried with apples or something? Any ideas?

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  1. Certain stews are thickened with pate whisked into the sauce. The liver adds an earthy background that goes well with rustic stews like rabbit or hunter's chicken. You can also make liver dumplings (Leberknödeln) to eat in soups.

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      +1 on Leberknoedel. Just mix the pate with flour and maybe an egg, form into Spaetzle, and simmer in stock. I like 'em over egg noodles.

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        Knödeln über nudeln? That's some carbo loading, mein freund!

    2. it'll get runny if you used lots of fat to make it, so you cannot really cook it like one would prepare foie gras.

      when i saw your title, i thought of making a little chicken liver package, baked in puff pastry, maybe with minced chestnut and chives inside -- or a little piece of date/preserved fig and walnut.

      another way to use it is with fettuccine pasta. make a sauce with the pate, adding a little marsala wine (or a splash of cognac) and chicken stock -- then topping with fresh cut italian parsley. mushrooms would be good in this prep, too.

      also, one of my favorites, make beef wellington! a real one, or individual ones, which i've named "wellies." ;-).

      1. Lately I have been weighing ideas for soup using both lentils and liver in some form. I made a small pot of soup using some Schaller&Weber liver pate, which is quite smooth. The taste was good but there were little bits of liver in the soup that were not appealing. I was thinking of making dumplings with the pate and gently simmering them in the finished soup.

          1. Has everyone forgotten Beef Wellington??

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              I usually use prosciutto in my Beef Wellington because I never have chicken liver paté on hand when I decide to make it.
              I think I might make some paté soon because I want to try it now that you mention it.

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                No, that was the first thing I thought of too, but alkapal already suggested it three posts above yours.