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Oct 28, 2009 06:43 AM

Mi Pueblo (Tampa)

Driving down Spruce this morning I noticed that Mi Pueblo is now open until 8:00 at night. I have been hoping they would expand their hours for a long time. This is definitely my favorite Puerto Rican restaurant. The stews, the mofongo, and the morcilla are always very good. Unfortunately, I have to choose between eating from the cafeteria and ordering a jibarito. A jibarito is a steak sandwich that uses tostones instead of bread. If you get one, ask for some ajo on the side. Garlic is the perfect touch to complement the tostone, cheese, onion and steak. Now for dinner too!

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  1. That jibarito sounds totally interesting! ---- and I love morcilla!

    I don't know much about Puerto Rican food, and I was pondering that fact recently--- which is why I'm happy to see this...

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      Here is a picture that I stole from I wish Tampa had something like this forum. Anyway, let me know if you head over there.

      Mi Pueblo
      1910 N. Lincoln Avenue (a couple of blocks from Spruce and MacDill
      )Tampa, Fl
      (813) 351-0011

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        Tried to go for dinner tonight and discovered that Mi Pueblo is only open until 8:00 from Thursday through Saturday. Oh well. I am glad I am the only one I inconvenienced. Ended up at Acapulco which was excellent. The tripa was superb.

    2. Certainly going to check this place out. Have you been to La Casona? I hear good things about it.

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        If you go to La Casona, be sure to try the beef empanadas, they are superb. They also make the best mofongo. The chicken asopao is to die for. Also recommended are the fried pork chunks. Stay away from the sirloin at all costs.