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Oct 28, 2009 06:15 AM

enRoute Announces 10 Best New Canadian Restaurants for 2009

enRoute, the Air Canada in-flight magazine, just announced their top-ten best new Canadian restaurants:

The list is fairly geographically balanced and includes Vancouver's Cibo Trattoria in the top spot, and Martin Picard's new venture, Au pied de cochon's cabane à sucre (sugar shack) in slot #6.

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  1. Interesting list. It is a definite sign of the economic times, for sure as many on the list are considered more casual than fine dining, which has usually dominated the enRoute lists.
    Looking forward to trying Picard's newest venture sometime soon.

    1. quite odd to nominate a restaurant that is open only a few months per year (speaking of the Cabane à Sucre). I am not against this choice, however, as I have tasted the (excess of) deliciousness, and deserves high ratings indeed.

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      1. re: alixium

        True. But not forget that part of 'best of' lists is to get people talking and give more exposure to the publication, this case enRoute. They always try to throw in a surprising one or two just to get the buzz going if you've noticed past lists.

        1. re: Restaurant Dish

          Hi all, editor-in-chief of enRoute here. Might be hard to believe, but we actually give our food writer, Chris Nuttall-Smith, complete freedom in choosing the list, without "stacking" it in any way. We didn't know what to expect this year, considering the economy, but it just happened to be a banner year. I think high-end generica doesn't fly anymore, and this list proves it. Yes, we do get some buzz, but we also genuinely hope to support the work of the best, most creative (and deserving) chefs out there.

          1. re: enroute_ilana

            Thanks for replying. Interesting thoughts. So you feel that fine dining is on the way out forever or just until we recover? I guess recent closure of Gourmet supports this line of thinking but I wonder what it will be like if this trend stays. I am enjoying this flourish of more casual single-minded restaurants, but a recent dinner at NYC's Marea also reminded me how much I really love fine dining too.

            BTW, I like Chris' writing alot. I now fly more often with Porter so don't get to read it as often as I used to.