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Oct 28, 2009 05:52 AM

[LON] Cafe Rouge, Prezzo, Spaghetti House, Strada or Pescatori ?

Any recommendations for one in particular over the rest ?

I know the answer should really be "none of them, go somewhere decent instead" but I've got a pile of Tesco Clubcard vouchers to use up and I figured I could maybe get a half-decent cheap meal out of them when I'm in London in a few weeks.

Planet Hollywood is another option but I've heard it's truly dreadful.

(My normal practice in London is to head straight to Chinatown of course).

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  1. Yep, you've already sussed the best answer but I understand the need to use the vouchers. I get mine through and

    We've only got Cafe Rouge and Strada in my part of the world and they're usually OK so long as you don't have high expectations. I had some recent absolutely dreadful service at the Cafe Rouge at our local mall - so now I spit on it!

      1. Where I live, we have a fairly decent Cafe Rouge or three and a newly-opened Prezzo. Prezzo has the best ambiance, wood burning oven etc., but all I've eaten there was a so-so Caesar salad. Cafe Rouge makes a decent onion soup if the chef isn't heavy with the salt. I'm sure these chains vary from place to place.

        1. There's a Pizza Express option too, which would be my choice. Failing that, Strada.

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            Thanks folks, I guess I might give Strada a try. The one at the Royal Festival Hall sounds like it has nice views of the Thames.

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              Check the T&Cs... that one is usually excluded from all of the 2 for 1 coupons they've had circulating.

              1. re: nanette

                Thanks for the warning - I checked and the only one not included is in Centre Parcs.

                This is actually a Tesco Clubcard offer - you swap £10 in Clubcard vouchers for £40 in food vouchers. So it's sort of a 4 for 1 offer !

          2. I actually really like Prezzo. The meals, though not especially inspiring, are always hot, decent sized and prompt. Oh, and tasty of course! They got voted best chain pizza restaurant by one of the food mags. (Don't recall which one)
            I recommend getting on their mailing list too as they seem to email a special offer about once a week. Last time, my hubby and I had 2 main courses for £10.