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Oct 28, 2009 05:47 AM

Best Thanksgiving in Asia?

If you could spend Thanksgiving anywhere in Asia, where would it be? I'm thinking food-wise, of course, and wondering not just where to get the ultra-traditional US of A meal but if there might also be a country/city/restaurant that does an amazing adaptation with local ingredients/techniques.


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  1. I can't point you to any specific restaurant, but I'd look to the Philippines because its history as an American colony has given it a long-standing cultural relationship with the USA.

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      Two places in Chiang Mai:
      1. Dukes does a buffet dinner with everything/anything you could think of appropriate for a Thanksgiving feast. Owned and run by a guy from Chicago.
      2. Bake and Bite -- Perfect turkey dinner with all the fixin's. Not much on atmosphere. Owned and operated by a Thai woman who lived in the US for many years.
      Both are traditional American dinners. i don't think I'd want a Thai-inspired one.
      I'll be at one of the two this Thanksgiving.

      1. re: sojournalist

        I lived in the Philippines for years and never encountered a local approach to Thanksgiving.