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Oct 28, 2009 05:42 AM

Old Saybrook, Ct.

I'll be Old Saybrook, Ct. for 3 days any suggestions for a good seafood , Italian (Continental) restaurant. Fancy or casual is okay.

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  1. Liv's is good for seafood, Jack's for pretty much everything. Haven't tried Aspen, and haven't found any good Italian places, though I'm sure you'll hear from those who have.

    1. Yes, Liv's Oyster Bar and Jack's Saybrook Steak are both good choices. Among casual restaurants in O.S. are Alforno (Italian) and Johnny Ad's Drive In (Seafood). If you want to go 5 miles west to Westbrook, Lenny&Joes is a good casual seafood place. Pazzo has been an interesting Italian restaurant, but they have recently changed hands so I can't recommend them unqualifiedly.

      Liv's Oyster Bar
      166 Main Street, Old Saybrook, CT 06475

      Alforno Restaurant
      577 S Main St, Providence, RI 02903

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      1. re: DonShirer

        I'll second the recommendation for Alforno's. The pizza is very good and so are the other Italian dishes.

        Alforno Ristorante and Brick Oven Pizzeria
        1654 Boston Post Rd, Old Saybrook, CT 06475

        Alforno Restaurant
        577 S Main St, Providence, RI 02903

      2. FYI - I have been told that Jack's has closed. I haven't gone far enough down main street to confirm, but the information comes from a good source.

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        1. re: Flip

          I called the number for Jack's tonight and the number is not in service.

          I'll second Don's recommendations for Liv's, Johnny Ad's and Lenny & Joe's.

          More info on Liv's:

          We went to Aspen today. I would vote for Liv's over Aspen for seafood, but that is based on my one visit to each place.

          1. re: kattyeyes

            Got back from Old Saybrook last night, thanks for all the recommendation to Liv's. Went there on Saturday night , it was perfect in everyway. We were greeted by a very cordial staff that made us feel welcomed. The place was packed (luckily they have very good acoustics because the noise level was very good and we could ourselves talk). Our waitress was very eager to please and answered all of our questions. The calamari was very nicely done, not too heavily breaded and the accompanying sauce had just the right kick to it. The butternut squash salad was delicious. We had a cod entree and I couldn't make up my mind between 2 choices, the short ribs or the grilled scallops; the waitress said I picked her two favorites I finally decided on the scallops which was served on a bed on tiny brussel sprouts which was delicious. The wine menu was extensive but not something that would take all night to read. We decided on a petit syrah which was an excellent choice. For dessert we had the pear and cranberry crisp another good choice came out nice an hot with a great crumbly topping. The service, food and ambiance was top shelf. We can't wait to go back.

          2. re: Flip

            Went by Jacks today...sadly they appear to be closed.

            1. re: DonShirer

              Aw ****. No, no, no...I was hoping someone would say that it isn't so. Everything on his menu was pretty special with the wines to boot. Feel bad we didn't stop the last time through as we got sidetracked and surprised by the newer Som Siam "East" spot.

              What's going on around here? First, to read that du Glace changed their Burgundy wine/Belgian beer marinated this? I've got a "beef" with the bad news I've seen on Chow this week. Jeesh.

              1. re: noreservations

                1. Please elaborate re Som Siam East. I found this menu, but nothing by way of CH reviews:
                What did you have? Was it wonderful? Middletown has two Thai restaurants and I'm not a fan of either. The shore could use a good Thai spot and I am almost always up for a drive to OS.
                2. You can still get the marinated steak at du Glace, you just have to ask. :) It kills me that they removed it from the printed menu as it is SO DELICIOUS. I can't imagine it was unpopular. Did you get to du Glace yet? We scored the last of the two remaining gift certificates (thanks to this board) and just found out my mom bought us one, too. Two get-out-of-jail-free cards for a local fave. WOOHOO!

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  Hey some gift certificates for the rest of us will ya! ;)

                  About 'Som Siam East': I almost drove off the road when I saw that new one on 1 & 154. I told my co-pilot that I must be losing it because I could swear(and did colorfully) that "that's the flippin' place I've liked off the Guilford Green in the past"....sure enough. We snooped around(mainly so that I could peek her interest in joining me there sometime and getting her to try Thai for the first time). We were only stopping and sampling in the area that night because we were running early before ending up at one of our other "rotation" faves.

                  As to the original I'm going to delve into that menu since it's been some time.....but I believe Mr. DonShirer, 'linguist', and others have commented on the original Som Siam in the past and I would think the same could be expected with the second(Mr. Don and others have mentioned 'Ayuthai' in Guilford as well). I'm far from an expert on Thai but what I've experienced thus far was indeed good and fit into my Chow credo of happily trying it all. Perhaps I've enjoyed this particular one more than the other clearly more qualified and experienced Thai fans here on Chow but I just liked the setting in Guilford and the food's "freshness" struck me. With that said, one of your faves is in Glastonbury correct? I'll look at your old posts for details(and also now be sure to not focus on the ones in Middletown given your take).

                  1. re: noreservations

                    My friend and I came across Som Siam East last month during a visit to Old Saybrook. We love Thai food so we tried it for lunch. It was so good, we came again the next day.
                    The lunch specials are a great deal. The food is fresh and well-prepared. The staff is friendly and delightful. We were there again this week, this time for dinner and then lunch the next day. Guess you can say, we highly recommend this restaurant!

                    1. re: lazmatazz

                      Hey, lazmatazz! If you care to go into more detail about what you've enjoyed at SSE, please add your feedback here:

                      FWIW, I cannot get their sticky rice dessert out of my mind and am anxiousy awaiting my next visit. :)