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Oct 28, 2009 01:57 AM

Zuma Japanese HK

Im going to HK this December for holiday and of course the food :)
I need recommendation for good Japanese (hot dishes not sushi) food.
I heard that Zuma is pretty good (I have tried Nobu before and loved it).
Whats the price range per head in Zuma? The must-eat dishes?
Are there any more places to choose? Also Im looking for a good yakiniku place..

Please help..

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  1. Take a look at Megu Hong Kong. Too bad they dont have website.

    They are more or less same class in terms of price (expensive). If you have been to Nobu before, then I dont think you have problem with the price.

    To be honest, I was researching this as well for my next month holiday. But I changed my mind because I would go to steak house :)

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    1. re: ewlung

      Thanks ewlung, Megu is quite interesting.. Is it similar to Zuma/Nobu in terms of price?

      So steakhouse, have you found any that you like? I also would like to know, since I'll be in HK for 10days, so I can still put steakhouse into my dining itinerary :)
      I went to Stonegrill last year, it was just okay, nothing special..
      Do let me know, if you find a good steakhouse..

      1. re: niawu

        Hi Niawu,

        I think they are all in the same price range. I have not been to any of them, but I got price indication from Nobu website. More or less the same, depends on your menu/dish choice I think.

        For the steakhouse, I am aiming to have wagyu beef steak :) And found 2 candidates:

        (1) Wagyu Restaurant HK (no website!)
        I asked opinion here

        (2) The Steakhouse at Intercontinental Hotel

        From several (limited) reviews of Wagyu restaurant, I probably will choose this one.
        The Steakhouse is much nicer atmosphere and more up market, and of course much more expensive :


        I know that some of those Japanese resto serve wagyu as well, but I really want it serve grilled as a steak, medium - medium raw :)

        I will be in HK only 3 days and so far here my choices:
        - Day 1: Lunch: undecided, Dinner: Wagyu Restaurant
        - Day 2: Lunch: Seafood at Saikung, Dinner: Under Bridge Spicy Crab (garlic crabs!)
        - Day 3: Lunch: Lei Garden at TST, Dinner: Harbourside buffest at Intercontinental Hotel

        I am also looking for the best Hairy Crab dish, but still have not found any yet.

      2. re: ewlung

        I think I found Megu's website:
        Just fyi :) at least we can look at their menu..

      3. If you're after authentic Japanese food, then I'd recommend Inagiku (Four Seasons) rather than "California-Japanese cuisine by way of London" Zuma, with its American-style maki rolls brimming with myriad fillings (Spider maki, etc). 80-90% of their clientele are Westerners, you hardly see a single Japanese.

        That said, Zuma HK is a beautiful restaurant, bright & airy, compared to its older, darker, stuffier London outlet. It's got a wonderful & exciting cocktail list, and has wonderful concoctions using sakes.

        Some very popular dishes (in the HK outlet) include:
        - poached spinach in sesame sauce;
        - chicken roasted in cedar wood;
        - miso-rubbed cod (Nobu did it first, but Zuma's version is not bad!) and
        - robata dishes, esp with beef.

        Personally, I go to Zuma for the drinks and their incredible desserts!! I particularly liked the banana-green tea sponge cake (out of this world!!) and the rhubarb "snowball" - see photos below. Both are very good.

        1. If you are visiting HK for the food then I think you can find a lot of delicious and interesting things to eat without the need for not-quite-authentic Japanese food. I say this only because I moved to HK from Japan and have been mostly disappointed with what's available (with a few exceptions of course!)
          Nevertheless, klyeoh is right in saying that Zuma is a great venue, excellent for weekend brunches and very fresh fish.
          Are you looking for somewhere upscale? There are some pretty authentic izakaya-type restaurants here, but if it's 3 star Japanese food you're after, I'd suggest a trip to Japan.....

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          1. re: MissLambkins

            Yes, MissLambkins is pretty much on the spot. Very nice izakaya type joints scattered around Causeway Bay/ Wanchai area. Went to a Okinawan type joint that I found different from stuff I had had before.