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Oct 28, 2009 12:58 AM

Robuchon vs Robuchon

Im going to HK & Macau this December and would like to try the Robuchon restaurant.
Whats the different between L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in HK and Robuchon a Galera in Macau?
Which one is better? I know that the one in Macau got 3Michelin stars and HK only got 2 stars, but if any of you has tried both, please share with me..
From the official web, the one on Macau looks better (i.e the decoration).
Whats the different in price as well?

Thanks !!!

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  1. l'atelier is lighter, less formal and more "modern" by definition/brand positioning; while galera is more old school. this is reflected in both the menu and interior design. at l'atelier you can opt to sit at the bar to watch the chefs at work. both are very good at dinner - but for lunch i'd go for galera (ie macau) - much better value - lunch is about HK$300+. l'atelier also do a lunch deal (forgot how much - they keep changing it) but i find that the quality of food isn't as good as at dinner.

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    1. re: e_ting

      Thanks e_ting !!
      Im planning to go to either one for dinner.
      Which one is recommended for dinner? In terms of taste and price.
      Do you normally go for the tasting menu or ala carte or they only have tasting?

      1. re: niawu

        lunch is prix fixe at both; i've only been for dinner at l'atelier, which was around HK$800 per head, a la carte, without wine. i imagine galera would be around the same, if not more.

    2. Galera is "full on" Robuchon. If not the best dinner I've had in Asia, one of the top ones. Prices are reasonable and the wine list is both first rate and modestly priced. Atelier is more the "hip" Robuchon, which is fine, but not good value for money and too self-aware and precious for my taste. I'd recommend a Galera without constraints, Atelier, much less so.

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      1. re: Uncle Yabai

        Okayyy I will definitely go to Galera..
        Thanks for sharing Uncle !! :)

        1. re: niawu

          niawu, what were your thoughts on galera?

          I'm heading to Hong Kong in 2 weeks, and am facing the exact dilemma - whether to eat at Robuchon Hong Kong or Robuchon Macau. I've been to L'Atelier in Paris, New York multiple times, so I'm leaning toward the Macau version as it sounds more different, but I'd love to get any additional info from Chowhounders.

          1. re: kewlly

            Toss a coin - but if it makes a big difference, in Macau, you essentially get to order wines off of Stanley Ho's personal collection (for which you will pay an arm and a leg).