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Oct 27, 2009 11:24 PM

Looking for a place late night in Miami on Halloween - only one night in town.

Hello, my girlfriend and I are taking a surprise trip down to the Caribbean, and staying one night in Miami along the way - it happens to be on Halloween, this Saturday night. Our flight doesn't even get in until about 11:00 pm, so we're looking for a good place to eat that will be open past midnight. I understand that such places exist, but can we find something on short notice?

We would love, LOVE to have good Cuban food - we love to try all sorts of cuisines, and we just haven't had the opportunity to do so as of yet. Does such a late-night, Halloween place exist?

If not, we will be back for one more night on our way "out" of the area, so we'll have to make plans to find a great Cuban place ahead of time on that day. I assume that this board is full of such recommendations, and at least one "can't miss while in Miami" post?


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  1. Au Pied Du Cochon is open all night and is pretty friggin good. check out the menu online.

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      Unless it's changed back in the past month, Au Pied de Cochon is no longer open 24 hours, though I believe it's open till 2am weekends ->

      I've not been but there is a Nicaraguan place called Yambo off 17th Ave. Dodgy neighborhood, sort of take-out stand / picnic table setup, open all night.

      Red Light keeps late night hours and gets into the Halloween spirit (they had a little "haunted house" downstairs that the chef's daughters made last year). Food is good, but service will likely suffer on a party night like Halloween. You can read more on Red Light here ->

      Here's a thread on "top late dining," sort of old but most suggestions are still good (though some have closed) ->

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        If you are willing to go 15 minutes north of the airport the answer is Yakko San

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      1. I would also suggest Hiro's Yakko-San, although it might be a bit more than 15 minutes from the airport.

        Hiro's Yakko-San
        17044 W Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33160

        1. Not sure where in Miami you are staying. Nevertheless, you can always hit David's Cafe II (just off Lincoln Road on South Beach) for a late night (open 24 hours) Cuban meal and then walk around Lincoln Road and watch the Halloween festivities..

          David's Cafe II
          1654 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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            If you're willing to brave South Beach on Halloween, you can also hit La Sandwicherie. I believe they're open pretty late.

            La Sandwicherie
            229 14th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139