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Oct 27, 2009 11:22 PM

What is your usual order in an average sushi restaurant?

I've eaten lots of sushi, and I know what everything is, but I confess sometimes when I'm out I don't know what a standard order is. I know the first rule of food is do whatever you like, but for certain occasions (dates) I'd like to know what is standard. I usually go with miso soup for each and an appitizer to share, followed by one special roll. I get confused when I think about ordering two regular rolls becaus they are so cheap, or think about sharing a special roll when they are very expensive (I'm in college).

What do you usually get? What would the Japanese get?

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  1. Well, I love sushi, but for some reason I usually do not stray far from the Bento Box. I'll order a couple extra pieces of more out-there types of fish on their own,, and maybe a sashimi starter, but it's something about the packaging of a Bento Box with the neat little compartments, miso soup, salad, edamame, etc. that I so enjoy. Not big on rolls.

    Fortunately for me also, hubby likes more adventurous options too, so I get to share his if I'm good. :)

    1. jfood normally orders the sushi plate that has about 8-10 pieces (no uni) and a roll. he does his best to convert the roll from a california roll to something more interesting and is successful most times. plus he normally orders 2-4 unagi or anago as well.

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        We're in agreement over the uni when it's from the little wooden box that most sushi-ya serve from, but I have to admit that I had uni from the shell (actually still in the shell) with a little lemon and it was delicious with a completely different texture.

      2. Wow
        Sounds like a desert order to me.
        I'm usually a bowl of miso depending on my mood. Sure. It's nice.
        Then, I usually do some edamame to pass the time while I'm waiting for the shi.
        My normal order for two ppl

        2. maguro
        2 hamachi
        2 unagi
        2 sake
        2 ama ebi with head
        2 saba (soooo good fresh, but sooo hard to find fresh)
        one spicy tuna roll cut, or two hand rolls.
        Then, after that's done, if there are any stars, we'll zone in and order more of whatever seems to be the best.

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        1. re: gordeaux

          oooh...I also love 2 ama abi with head...
          2 smoked eel
          2 mackerel
          2 white tuna

          Can't eat much more than that...darn you!!! Now I NEED some sushi!

        2. I don't think that there is a standard, at least not in the US. I've seen people order a bowl of miso soup and a small selection of individual pieces of sushi and then pay the bill, and I've seen others gorging themselves on all manner of cooked appetizers and fancy rolls. Myself, I'll often order a seaweed salad, one special roll (always with raw fish) and then an assortment of individual sushi. I'll leave it to others to relay what the Japanese order at a sushi restaurant, but I know that the elaborate rolls that are the rage in US sushi establishments are not traditional.

          1. At my local sushi-ya, the typical Japanese customer isn't a salaryman on an expense account, but a middle-aged, middle-class Japanese American. Several years ago I noticed that the most common order among this group is chirashi-zushi - a big bowl of sushi rice with the chef's choice of ingredients artfully arranged on top.

            I followed their lead, and haven't looked back. You get a variety of flavors, and although most chefs will include the standbys (maguro, sake, hamachi), somebody who's good will also give you a few surprises.

            The more I order the dish, the more new stuff the itamae tosses on there for me - abalone, squid "strings" tossed with tobiko in a tangy dressing, a whole soy-cooked baby octopus, saba-kazunoko (pickled mackerel pressed with herring roe) - there's always something different and tasty. It's like ordering omakase on a budget.