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Oct 27, 2009 11:09 PM

Wagyu Restaurant Hong Kong


Has anyone visited Wagyu Restaurant Hong Kong? The location is here:
60 Wyndham St
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
+852 2525 8805

If yes, how good is it? And how pricey is their Wagyu steak? :)

Too bad that they don't have website ( just blank).

I am looking for a restaurant in HK that serve wagyu steak, I ate years ago in Australia and I am wondering if I can get it in HK on my next month holiday. Yes, for sure there are many restaurants in HK serve this, but I need some recommendations if possible.

So far I found also "Harbour Grill" at Intercontinental Hotel (TST), but I want to do price comparison :) I know, this kind of meal is expensive, but sometimes they just over-price (not right-price).

PS: I apologize if this is not appropriate question on this board. I am still new :) This is my first post.


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  1. Wagyu was good when it first opened up - their standards have slipped since. Their cuts aren't too expensive - about $500ish if I recall.

    There are plenty of places that serve wagyu in HK - if price is no consideration, then head to one of the hotel grills or Dakota Prime in LKF.

    1. Someone reommended Bistecca to me - it's fairly new and I haven't tried it. It's a Tuscan style steak place and I'm not sure if wagyu is one of the breeds they serve.

      1. Wagyu is a good (and casual) place open from 8am - I always think of it as more of a bar but the food isn't bad at all. My only slight gripe is that the menu is waaaaay too long. The beef itself is good though - although I don't think it is true Japanese Wagyu (I may be wrong). It's probably exactly what you had in Australia actually!

        Tuscany by H in LKF I think does a wagyu steak - if not then try Inagiku at the 4 Seasons/ IFC

        1. The Japanese restaurant inside the Hotel Nikko in TST East always feature Wagyu beef in their a la carte menu and components in their set dinners