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Oct 27, 2009 08:19 PM

Food and ambiance at Blue Note Jazz?

Thinking about buying rather expensive tickets to see an upcoming show for bf's' birthday...

Is the food any good at all or just over-priced?
Is the atmosphere just for tourists? (I have no patience for that) or do actual people from NY go...
Are the drinks any good?
Is it so tight that it's too tight or just regular kind of bar shmushed...(if that makes any sense at all)

Thank you!!!

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  1. I haven't been in ages, mainly because I found it overpriced and touristy. I think your hunch is correct, but perhaps others feel differently and will chime in

    1. Attended the Dizzy Gillespie All Star Jazz Band,, featuring Roy Hargrove, Cyrus Chestnut,, vocalist Roberta Gambarini (angelic voice) this past w/e while in town.. Did not order food though a couple we shared a table with commented they were satisfied with their order (burgers?).. I had a couple of beers,, GF a martini.. She and I had terrific pizza's at Keste nearby before the show.. I think your best bet is too eat elsewhere and enjoy the show without the distractions. Don't forget to head upstairs after the set. as you may get lucky and have a chance to speak with the musicians that congregate there sometimes. Dave Brubeck, a living legend, is playing at the Blue Note in Dec.. Don't miss his appearance.

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        food is not only secondary, but tertiary here...and while the mgmt tends to cram people in a little too close for comfort, they do book some of the best acts around and the sound is good. arrive early and you'll have a good choice of seats. and go to the early set. they sometimes give the option to stay for the late set -- meaning that people already there can stake out prime places.

        above all, enjoy!

        1. re: david sprague

          Thanks to all - bornie - it's' the Dave Brubeck show I want to get tickets liked Keste? If we go then definitely sounds like we should eat elsewhere - any other recs in the area (any type of food) that are inexpensive-moderate (i.e. under $20 for an entree)...and I didn't know about heading upstairs! David, that's a good tip - I will get tickets for the earlier set then...

          1. re: lovessushi

            lovessushi,, yes we really liked Keste and its literally a block away. The restaurant was filled with Italians enjoying the meal.. Their is such a variety of food establishments in the area I don't think you would go wrong and I'm sure it would best the food you would order at the club. As encouraged by the earlier poster,, do arrive at least 45 min early and get in line (having ordered your tickets well before the show). Two lines form,, one with reservations the other not, so find out which to stand in line for. The musicians make there way to the stage from upstairs,, and they typically head there afterword (or the bar). I saw the legendary Mr Brubeck at The Blue Note last Nov.. It was a show I'll always remember.
            Enjoy the experience!! Best, Jack

            1. re: bornie

              and, at the risk of ticking off the mods by straying from food talk -- please don't be mad :) -- i agree totally about the endorsement of mr. brubeck's performances right now. incredible for a man half his age, but when you factor his "experience" into the

              and a lovely man, too!

              1. re: david sprague

                Thank you both! I need to get tickets today! The 8:30 show on both days is sold out already! Thank you also for the food rec - Keste sounds wonderful :)