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Oct 27, 2009 08:12 PM

cafe shira in bala cynwyd?

Does anyone know if cafe shira is still open? i found a website, but when I called, it said that the number was disconnected!

I am looking for a place to to on saturday night for dinner - by default it looks like we are going to end up at one of the kosher veggie chinese places, as nothing else seems to be open on Sat nite. We will be in center city and don't feel like driving to the northeast.


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  1. Per an older posting, Cafe Shira is indeed closed. No other helpful information, What about Cherry Hill?

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    1. re: vallevin

      thanks. oh well. i am going to cherry hill on sunday morning to visit i was hoping not to drive out there twice! singapore vegetarian it is....i saw that there is this upscale vegan place now in philly called horizons, but not sure if i'd eat there.

      1. re: tarsky

        Rabbinic Supervision aside, I'm guessing they don't check for bugs.

        1. re: vallevin

          Max and Davids in Jenkintown is really excellent, and Glatt Kosher. Pricey maybe, but even non-observant Jews and Gentiles choose to eat there for the quality of the food.