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Oct 27, 2009 07:19 PM

Cane and Taro on Maui

Has anyone tried the new Cane and Taro on Maui? We're meeting our cousins there for lunch next Tuesday and wondered what dishes they do best.

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  1. um... I saw on another report that you went there...

    What did you think?


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      Good service, nice view, but the food didn’t blow us away. We liked the food at C&T much better than the food at Sansei, but that’s not saying all that much. The four of us were seated at a table in the raised section near the bar, behind the hostess stand. Unfortunately, the tables along the railing with the best view are all two-tops. No reservations are taken for lunch, although they do accept reservations for dinner. We arrived around 11:45am on a Tuesday and had no problems getting a table.

      I was unable to locate a soft copy of their extensive menu. The four of us ordered a shared appetizer, three small plates (two ahi tunas and one komachi), one cup of french onion soup, a spicy calamari entrée salad (same one that’s on the Sansei menu), a crème brule and two cocktails. Total after tax and tip was $140.

      We started with a fried appetizer which came highly recommended by our server. A fairly large order of onion straws, thinly-cut sweet potato fries and regular French fries served with garlic aioli and a remoulade-type sauce. Everything on the plate was delicious, but I was glad there were four of us to share this dish. Hubby and I would have had difficulty finishing this appetizer alone and having room to eat anything else.

      The ahi tunas ordered by the two men at our table were fine, but our cousin who ordered the same dish at Mama’s a few days prior to our C&T visit said there was no comparison between the two. For about $8 more, he preferred Mama’s version. The one at Mama’s included much more fish and came with freshly grated horseradish.

      My komachi was delicious, but hubby wondered if there were even two ounces of fish on my plate. The thinly-sliced fish was served with a few drops of shoyu and a light drizzle of sesame oil and a scattering of slivered green onion pieces.

      Although I didn’t sample it, the French onion soup looked fine and all of it got eaten. The spicy calamari salad which I did taste was meh. It would have worked better if the calamari wasn’t deep fried (perhaps lightly grilled instead?), which wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the menu. The menu does note, however, that it’s the same version served at Sansei, which shares the same owner as C&T.

      The crème brule was baked inside a pineapple ring and served with various berries under the brule. It was good, but very sweet. Cocktails were tasty, but pricey.

      I’d consider going back to C&T for drinks and apps, but would be hesitant to return for a full meal. It’s a beautiful restaurant with a gorgeous view, but you can get a similar view at the Hula Beach Bar for a lot less. :-)

      1. re: cvhound

        Thanks cvhound - we're heading back to Maui in February and I'm the designated finder-of-delicious meals. This might work for lunch one day.

        Thanks for the review!

        1. re: cvhound

          You're very welcome, Cookiefiend. Also, just noticed a couple of typos in my original post. Meant to say "kompachi," not "komachi" and "Sensei," not "Sansei."