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Oct 27, 2009 06:29 PM

Tosca Grille (Troy) closed - Any idea when they plan to re-open?

I just learned Tosca Grille in Troy closed. Any idea when they plan to re-open?

Website is up and running:

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  1. They declared bankruptcy but then at the eleventh hour were saved by an investor but I haven't heard when they'll reopen. You might want to ask Steve Barnes at the Times-Union.

    1. Theyn hope to re-open by Thanksgiving.

      1. Tosca Grille is expected to reopen by Thanksgiving, said E. Stewart Jones, the Troy attorney who is leading a group of business people who are helping chef/owner Larry Schepici reorganize his business.

        Sandy Horowitz is no longer an owner in the restaurant operation, but he continues to be the landlord, Jones said.

        “He’s being very cooperative with respect to the leasing arrangements,” Jones said Thursday afternoon.

        Schepici abruptly shut his downtown eatery in September, after state tax officials seized funds from his cash register.

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        1. Tosca reopening delayed; problems worse than expected
          November 24, 2009 at 3:48 pm by Steve Barnes, senior writer

          E. Stewart Jones, the prominent Troy attorney who is leading the effort to bail out Tosca Grille, which closed suddenly in September because of unpaid taxes, tells my colleague Eric Anderson that no reopening date can be predicted for the downtown eatery. After taking a look at the restaurant’s books and the repair and reorganization needed, Jones says, “It’s more significant than we originally thought.” Jones and chef-owner Larry Schepici had hoped to bring Tosca back in time for Thanksgiving.

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            Thanks for the update. My nephew has a Tosca gift card . . .